50% Off New Local Escape Room Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coming soon to the Oklahoma City area: a series of adventurous escapes
called Breakout Games. These life-sized games involve a race to break
out of a locked room in just 60 minutes. The key to solving each mystery
is a series of codes, puzzles and clues.

Breakout Games Oklahoma City, located at 2501 W. Memorial Rd., Suite
227, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, will celebrate its grand opening on 3/9.
This is our 34th location in the US, and the team is thrilled to bring
the thrills to the Steel City.

This out-of-the-box experience is a unique way to gather groups large
and small. Breakout Games can accommodate families, corporate outings
and friend groups of any size. Plus, our fully comprehensive corporate
packages make for a truly exhilarating team building activity.

The Oklahoma City location features four scenarios, giving escapees the
option to choose their own adventures: The Kidnapping, Museum Heist,
Operation: Casino or Hostage. For video trailers of each story or to
book a game, visit https://breakoutgames.com/Oklahoma-City.
Typically priced at $26 per team member, Breakout Games Oklahoma City is
offering half off all games for the opening two weeks with the code “grandopening”.

Famed Oklahoma City native Russell Westbrook once said, “There’s no
reason to hold yourself back and say you can’t do something in life
unless you go for it and try to do it.” The people at Breakout Games try
to push their boundaries every single day. We are not satisfied with the
status quo. We want to get out of our comfort zones and dare to do
something different. Escaping the ordinary is something that this
company is built on and it is something that everyone should strive for
in life.

Come and escape ordinary for office outings, team building exercises, or
a leisure event with friends and family. Don’t miss this adventurous
experience that’s part problem solving, part adrenaline and end-to-end

Breakout Games Oklahoma City
Address: 2501 W. Memorial Rd.,
Suite 227
Phone:(405) 731-9192


Breakout Games
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