A Premium Eco-Science, Accoje, Has Strengthened Global Sales Capacity

Accoje’s whitening capsule line receives the global aesthetic
market’s enthusiastic responses prior to release

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A True eco-lifestyle beauty brand, Accoje has made a new leap forward as
a global brand. By participating in various overseas beauty exhibitions
including ‘China beauty Expo in Shanghai’ and ‘beauty world Japan’, it
was widely accepted.

‘China beauty Expo in Shanghai (18~20, May)’ and ‘beauty world
Japan(16~18, May)’ that Accoje participated in is a position to
understand trend related to beauty equipments and facilities along with
various cosmetics. All eyes of beauty participators are now on global
size and popularity.

Through exhibition, Accoje which has shown vital in Jeju essence in
toner, vital in Jeju time repair cream, vital in Jeju time repair serum
has applied 7-free system excluding toxic ingredients including 6
parabens, imidazolidinyl urea, benzophenone, synthetic fragrance,
mineral raw material, animal oil, and artificial pigment and has
received greater attention by conducting clinical verification and
hypoallergenic test.

Through exhibition, ‘whitening capsule line’ gone public prior to a
release of the first half year has received an enthusiastic response
from buyers.

As hypoallergenic skin-lightening functional cosmetics, the whitening
capsule line is composed of whitening capsule ample, whitening capsule
essence, and whitening capsule cream. A skin-lightening capsule
enhancing skin brightness gives whitening care and makes healthier skin.

A pertinent line containing natural ingredients including neolitesea
aciculate extraction and lotus root extraction has accepted its safety
by completing a clinical applicable test.

Through a participation of international beauty exhibition, Accoje which
has tried to enhance brand awareness and image has achieved recognition
from various Asian buyers including China.

For the achievement of participating in the International Beauty
Exhibition, participator of Accoje has explained that “by using pure and
natural ingredients, Accoje is producing every product at Jeju factory
equipped with CGMP facilities, and its philosophy pursuing sincerity and
cleanliness has been conveyed to overseas buyers”.

Meanwhile, the product of Accoje expanding its territory from domestic
to overseas can be purchased through various distribution channels
including Lotte duty free store in Jeju.


Hyeon-mi Je, 82-70-4850-3638