AAG Introduces Latest Reverse Mortgage Commercial Featuring Acclaimed Actor Tom Selleck

“Home Equity Chair” Airing Now

Advisors Group
(AAG), the leading reverse mortgage lender
in the nation, this week launched its latest television commercial
starring Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor Tom
. The spot is the second of three new ads
featuring Selleck as the company’s national spokesperson.

The new spot, entitled “Home Equity Chair,” introduces an important new
discussion point to the retirement planning conversation: that the
traditional “three-legged stool” approach to funding retirement —
savings, pensions/401(k) and Social Security — no longer provides enough
income for older Americans to live comfortably on during their golden
years. In the new ad Selleck emphasizes the importance of considering
home equity the “fourth leg” of the retirement “chair” as part of a
comprehensive retirement strategy, providing greater stability and
security to age in place.

U.S. Census Bureau data shows an average married couple aged 65 years
old has nearly 68 percent of their wealth tied up in their home equity.
To this point, Jamie Hopkins, associate professor of taxation at
American College and co-director of the New York Life Center for
Retirement Income, states, “By ignoring home equity as a potential
income source in retirement, you’re essentially leaving two-thirds of
your available retirement assets on the table.” He continues, “When we
talk about retirement planning, people need to look at their wealth in a
holistic manner, and that includes home equity.”

This latest commercial from AAG follows the very successful debut of
Selleck as the company’s newly announced spokesperson. Selleck’s first
commercial for AAG, “Too Good to be True,” premiered in early August and
has already outperformed all other commercials aired by the company.

“Data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows that nearly
one-third of retirees have less than $1,000 saved, and oftentimes, home
equity is their largest asset. It’s clear that many older Americans will
need to consider home equity as a source of income, and a reverse
mortgage is a way to access that equity,” explains Teague McGrath, chief
creative officer for AAG. He continues, “Selleck’s widespread appeal
will surely bring a much needed spotlight on this issue — and on reverse
mortgage loans as a viable retirement solutions.”

“Home Equity Chair” is now airing on major network and cable stations
across the country as 60- and 120-second spots. A link to the commercial
may be found here.

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