Achieving New Year’s Resolutions: xSense Introduces Powerful Functional Scents to Help in 2016

Enhanced concentration of xSense allows consumers to boost
performance at work, play, and rest

introduces a higher concentration of its signature scents—WorkSense,
and RestSense.
The enhanced formula gives consumers a better way to achieve their New
Year’s resolutions. xSense’s products are the first to combine natural
ingredients with clinical efficacy to create easy-to-use, unique, and
functional scents, reinventing the way consumers perform in all aspects
of their lives.

top New Year’s resolutions include better health, fitness, organization,
and finding more ways to live life to the fullest
, but of the nearly
45 percent of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, less than half
will keep them longer than six months. xSense is offering goal-setters
help in maintaining their resolutions with the introduction of a
higher-concentrated version of their products, WorkSense, PlaySense, and
RestSense. Each is made up of a proprietary combination of natural
ingredients clinically found to have beneficial effects.

Applying WorkSense, PlaySense, or RestSense directly under the nose and
inhaling the natural ingredients has been found to stimulate pathways in
the brain. The ingredients in WorkSense, have been shown to improve
efficiency, accuracy, learning, and retention. PlaySense’s components
have been found to improve fitness endurance and speed, and elements in
RestSense have been clinically found to increase relaxation and reduce
stress. Each of these formulas are customized in gender-specific scents
for men and women.

WorkSense, PlaySense, and RestSense are each available in a 10
milliliter roll-on applicator, and retail for $45 (with complimentary
shipping), via xSense’s
. All three scents can also be enjoyed via a unique atomizing
room diffuser at a discounted rate of $149.

“At the start of the New Year, we wanted to increase our users’ results
in achieving their resolutions by giving them a stronger version of our
functional scents,” said Dr. Ashok Gowda, biomedical engineer and
co-founder of xSense, LLC.

Prof. Virginia Bonofiglio, Associate Chairperson of the Department,
Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing at the Fashion
Institute of Technology
(FIT), has evaluated hundreds of new
fragrance ideas over decades. She noted that xSense was especially
impressive in its innovation, with commitment to scientific research and
pure ingredients.

Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research, using only natural
ingredients, and carefully shown to be safe with extensive testing in
FDA-approved labs, xSense’s proprietary scents are designed to deliver
immediately, from day one. WorkSense, PlaySense, or RestSense can each
be purchased directly from, in 10 milliliter roll-on
applicator bottles (each for $45) or for a discounted 3-pack at $95.
xSense is available at and
and is currently in consideration for the prestigious CEW Iconic Beauty
Award. To learn more about xSense, please visit

About xSense

The xSense team has married scientific findings with natural
ingredients, to create a system of products that could effectively
enhance an individual’s most important activities. These natural
ingredients in xSense’s line of innovative scents have been found to
significantly assist users in improving their potential productivity at
work, play, and rest. The company’s products are a result of close
collaboration between professionals in neuroscience, biomedical
engineering, perfumery, creative industries, and business, who have
worked collectively to revolutionize the scent industry. For more
information about all xSense products, visit


Press Contact:
Katie Kennedy, 610-228-2128

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