All Walgreens Pharmacies and Healthcare Clinics Now Offering Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine Daily

CDC recommends vaccine may be given to provide short term protection
to anyone 16 to 23 years of age

DEERFIELD, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Walgreens is now offering vaccinations that provide protection against
most strains of serogroup B meningococcal disease (bacterial meningitis)
at all of its pharmacies, including Duane Reade pharmacies in New York,
and Healthcare Clinics nationwide. Vaccinations are available daily
without an appointment and may be covered by insurance.

Walgreens pharmacists and Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners can
administer the new meningitis B vaccines (Bexsero® or Trumenba®) in most
states to individuals ages 10 through 25.* The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) specifically recommends that meningitis B
vaccines may be given to provide short term protection to anyone 16 to
23 years of age.

Meningitis spreads through the exchange of respiratory and throat
secretions and primarily affects adolescents and young adults. Teens and
adults whose immunity has faded or live in close quarters, such as
college dormitories, may also be at risk.

“We support the recommendations of health officials and stress that
vaccination is the best protection against meningitis,” said Richard
Ashworth, Walgreens president of pharmacy and retail operations.
“Walgreens pharmacists and Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners
continue to play an important role in providing more convenient access
to vaccinations and other preventive services, and these new vaccines
can be instrumental in helping to control meningitis.”

According to the CDC, symptoms of meningitis usually are sudden onset of
fever, headache and stiff neck. It can start with symptoms similar to
influenza (flu) and will often also cause nausea, vomiting, increased
sensitivity to light, rash and confusion.

In addition to the meningitis B vaccines, Walgreens also offers the
quadrivalent meningococcal vaccines that protect against four serogroups
(A, C, W, and Y). Patients are encouraged to speak to a health care
professional or pharmacist to determine their vaccination needs.

To find the nearest Walgreens, call 1-800-WALGREENS or visit

*Vaccines are subject to availability. Age, state and health-related
restrictions may apply.

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