As fatalities rise in New Jersey, GEICO urges drivers to focus on the road

MARLTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Distracted driving was recently reported as the leading factor in fatal
crashes in 2015 for New Jersey drivers by the New Jersey State Police.
Officials believe that at least 30 percent of the 522 fatal crashes in
New Jersey that year resulted from distracted driving.

GEICO asks New Jersey drivers to keep distractions out of the car in
order to reverse this alarming trend.

Safety experts note that driving is a complicated task and it requires a
driver’s full and complete attention. Distractions can really slow down
response times to hazards, and even cause drivers to completely miss
objects right in front of them, a condition called inattention blindness.

Next time you start the car, GEICO offers these tips to help avoid
driving distracted.

  • Leave your phone alone: Set your smartphone to silent or do not
    disturb. If the temptation still remains, consider stowing your phone
    in the glove compartment or somewhere else out of reach.
  • Don’t be a frequent foodie: Plan to eat meals before or after
    you drive, and on long trips, pull off to take a break and eat.
  • DJ-ing and driving…not a good mix: A great playlist can help
    ease the monotony of a long road trip. Get your songs in order ahead
    of time rather than trying to search for the perfect mix after you hit
    the onramp.
  • Don’t become a GPS guru: Sometimes plans change or traffic
    bubbles up out of nowhere. If you need to reroute, pull off to a safe
    place to change the GPS.
  • Handle primping needs at home: Eyeliner touch-ups, shaving and
    hair styling are all better to do in front of a bathroom mirror rather
    than your car’s rear-view mirror. In addition to becoming a major
    distraction, your makeup and lipstick probably won’t turn out to your
    liking if you happen to hit a big bump while trying to apply.

For more safe driving tips, visit GEICO’s Safe
Driving Resource Center


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