askPETMD App Connects Pet Parents with the Most Comprehensive Pet Care Answers Covering Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird, Reptile, Gerbil and More

Users Can Search Well-Organized Rich Content, Get Vet-Qualified
Answers within 24 hours, Contact a Nearby Vet With the Swipe of a Finger
and Create a Pet Profile

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“First-aid for dog cuts and bruises.”

You’re out on a hike with your furry best friend. He trots off the trail
to investigate and later appears back at your side with a bloody leg and
cuts. As a pet parent, your heart sinks. As he limps to your side, you
go into protective mode.

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The four words you type into your new askPETMD app – “dog cuts and
bruises” – brings up much-needed information for on-the-spot first aid
and a vet locator option to quickly and easily find nearby emergency

Help for immediate critical situations, as well as answers to common
questions, is just a click away with askPETMD, a new mobile app
available now from the team behind PETMD, the world’s largest
digital resource for pet health and wellness information. Being a pet
parent is an around-the-clock job, and askPETMD provides the peace of
mind that vet-qualified answers are available whenever and wherever
needed. The new app is available now for iOS and Android devices for
free at the Apple
and android&esheet=51345593&newsitemid=20160518006555&lan=en-US&anchor=Google+Play&index=3&md5=060745bda9991a6d274879f5b1837a1d” rel=”nofollow”>Google
Play stores.

askPETMD provides the most comprehensive collection of content for all
things pet care and pet lifestyle. From dogs and cats to specialty pets
like fish, reptiles, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs, among others,
askPETMD puts all the answers to pet questions in one place – your
mobile device. And, if you can’t find an answer to your question about
your dog or cat, you can get a vet qualified answer within 24 hours.

With the askPETMD app pet parents can:

  • Search relevant askPETMD content on popular topics including general
    care, behavior, diet, emergency and preventive care covering all pet
  • Get a vet-qualified answer within 24 hours to specific questions about
    your dog or cat.
  • Locate the closest veterinarian to your current location or search for
    a vet by entering a zip code.
  • Add a specific vet as your emergency contact for quick in-app dialing.
  • Create a profile for your dog or cat including photo, name, species,
    age, weight, breed, gender and more.

“With today’s mobile lifestyle, pet parents want on-the-go access to
quick, comprehensive answers and that was the goal with askPETMD,” said
Daphne Smith, senior vice president, digital for Pet360, the parent
company of PETMD and the askPETMD app. “We value the close relationships
pet parents have with their dog, cat and specialty pets, and askPETMD
provides access to crucial information to help pet parents give the very
best care to their pets – with just a swipe of your finger. We are here
to serve as a trusted partner to pet parents everywhere whether their
best friend is furry, feathery, slippery or scaly.”

askPETMD includes special emphasis on specialty pets like fish, reptiles
and birds for which comprehensive online information has been lacking –
until now. There are more than 8,000 informative articles searchable
through the app that answer over 750 of the most popular pet questions
searched online by pet parents. The No. 1 most-searched question is:
“what do turtles eat?” Hundreds of answers to more obscure questions are
also included, such as “how big will my Betta fish get?”

About askPETMD & PETMD

PETMD is the world’s largest digital resource for pet health and
wellness information. Founded in 2008 to provide pet owners support
beyond the vet office, PETMD has quickly become the go-to resource for
millions of pet parents across the globe. The website maintains a
comprehensive library of more than 10,000 pet health articles, all
written and approved by PETMD’s network of trusted veterinarians.
askPETMD is the mobile format and leverages much of the rich content of
the PETMD platform. PETMD and askPETMD are media content platforms from
Pet360, an integrated media company devoted to providing pet parents the
trusted information, products and advice they need to raise happy,
healthy pets. askPETMD does not provide medical advice. It is intended
for informational and educational purposes only. Pet360 is a unit of
PetSmart, Inc.


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