Best Lawyers Recognizes 114 Thompson Hine Lawyers

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thompson Hine LLP is pleased to announce that 114 of its lawyers were
selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America®
2017. Lawyers are selected for the list based on votes received in a
survey of their peers. Nearly 55,000 leading lawyers cast more than 7.3
million votes on the legal abilities of other lawyers in their practice
areas. Additionally, 47 Thompson Hine partners have been included on the Best
list for 10 years or longer, as indicated below. The
Thompson Hine lawyers included in the 2017 edition are:

Atlanta Kim Wilcoxon Donald H. Messinger* Mark A. Conway*

Peter D. Coffman

David J. Willbrand* Leslee W. Miraldi* Susan C. Cornett

John F. Isbell

John R. Mitchell Robert M. Curry*

Beverly A. Lyman, Ph.D.


David J. Naftzinger* Steven J. Davis

Z. Ileana Martinez

Thomas A. Aldrich* Deborah Z. Read* Thomas E. DeBrosse*

Tim McDonald

Jeffrey R. Appelbaum* Matthew David Ridings Francesco A. Ferrante*

Russell J. Rogers

James B. Aronoff Alan S. Ritchie John L. Green*

Stephen B. Schrock

Heather Aley Austin* Jennifer S. Roach Christine M. Haaker
Richard C. Binzley* James D. Robenalt* Timothy J. Hackert*
Kip T. Bollin Patrick J. Saccogna J. Michael Herr*
Cincinnati Derek D. Bork Robyn Minter Smyers Scott A. King

Paul Allaer*

Thomas J. Callahan* James Spallino Thomas A. Knoth

Christopher M. Bechhold*

Jeremy M. Campana Linda A. Striefsky* Mark P. Levy*

Deborah S. Brenneman

Thomas J. Collin Patrick J. Sweeney* Theodore D. Lienesch*

Timothy R. Brown*

Timothy J. Coughlin Curtis L. Tuggle David A. Neuhardt*

Stephen J. Butler*

Andrew H. Cox Andrew L. Turscak, Jr. Sharen Swartz Neuhardt*

Frank D. Chaiken

Thomas J. Coyne* Robert F. Ware Arik A. Sherk*

Louis K. Ebling

Frank R. DeSantis Stephen D. Williger

Jack F. Fuchs

Andrew L. Fabens, III* Elizabeth B. Wright*

New York

Heather M. Hawkins

Tom Feher Karen D. Youngstrom* Norman A. Bloch

Robert P. Johnson

Heidi B. Friedman* Thomas F. Zych Maranda E. Fritz

Stephen M. King

Michael L. Hardy* William H. Schrag

Thomas J. Kirkwood

Daniel M. Haymond


Mario J. Suarez

Andrew L. Kolesar*

Harold W. Henderson* Jim Balthaser*

Beverly A. Lyman, Ph.D.

David J. Hooker* Alan F. Berliner

Washington, D.C.

Donald S. Mendelsohn

Emily S. Huggins Jones William C. Moul Karyn A. Booth

Stephen Richey

William W. Jacobs Janis B. Rosenthal Sandra L. Brown

Laura A. Ryan

Eduardo Kim Jerry Vande Werken Nicholas J. DiMichael*

Robert A. Selak*

James C. Koenig* Anthony C. White James A. Losey

Louis F. Solimine*

Brian J. Lamb Jeff Moreno

Keith P. Spiller*

Alan R. Lepene*


J. Shane Starkey

Scott B. Lepene Stephen J. Axtell*

David R. Valz

Julia Ann Love Wray Blattner*

*Included on The Best Lawyers in America list for 10
years or longer

©2017 by Woodward/White, Inc., Aiken, SC

About Thompson Hine LLP. Thompson Hine LLP, a full-service
business law firm with approximately 400 lawyers in 7 offices, is ranked
number 1 in the category “Most innovative North American law firms: New
working models” by The Financial Times. For 4 straight years,
Thompson Hine has distinguished itself in all areas of Service Delivery
Innovation and is one of only 7 firms noted in the BTI Brand Elite
for “making changes to improve the client experience.” The firm’s
commitment to innovation is embodied in Thompson Hine SmartPaTH®
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Sheila Turner, Media Relations Manager