Brains Worldwide Foundation Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Provide Families with Concussion Assessment Systems

Indiegogo Campaign Seeks to Raise $100,000 to Protect Children from
the Hidden Dangers of Concussions Through Education, Research, College
Scholarships and Testing Home-Based Concussion Assessment Technology

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Brains Worldwide Foundation NFP today launched a crowdfunding
campaign on Indiegogo to help advance research and awareness associated
with misdiagnosed and undetected concussions in youth sports and other
activities. Funds will be used in part to provide 150 families—with
children 8-18 years old—greatly discounted home testing systems to
objectively assess damage to their child’s brain, facilitate
communications with doctors and monitor brain health for return-to-play
decisions. In turn, the foundation will implement research and seek
feedback from these families to better serve users when Brains Worldwide
International releases the technology to the medical community, coaches,
trainers and parents in spring of 2016.

The campaign’s goal is also to raise funds to drive awareness of the
hidden dangers of brain concussions and provide college scholarships for
injured student-athletes. Parents, coaches, athletes and trainers can
participate and learn more at

“Researchers estimate as many as 90 percent of youth concussions are
missed or never diagnosed, meaning up to 3 million children could be
walking around with undetected concussions,” said Oz Schaefer, inventor
and founder of Brains Worldwide Foundation. “Far too often their
symptoms are mistaken for other conditions such as attention deficit
disorder (ADD) or depression. Our foundation provides parents with
effective tools to play a major role in keeping their children safe from
the hidden danger of undetected concussions.”

OBCAMS Technology Aims to Keep Kids Safe

The new technology for concussion detection, called Objective Brain
Concussion Assessment and Monitoring System (OBCAMS), gives families and
non-medical personnel a portable, affordable assessment tool to
objectively test the brain for concussion symptoms with clinical
accuracy. They can then seek medical help with objective data and make
smarter decisions about whether or not to let their children return to
the playing field following a documented concussion.

In just 10 minutes, the OBCAMS objectively tests the major areas of the
brain that control memory, balance, reaction time, focus and vision, as
well as the many hidden symptoms of concussion such as fatigue or mood
swings. It provides immediate feedback about altered brain functions in
those areas, helping parents and practitioners accurately assess
potential concussions and make better, more informed decisions about
whether the athlete should return to play.

In early prototype testing, the OBCAMS assessed 2,000 athletes, combat
veterans and children. The system identified 401 of those individuals
with concussion symptoms. Of the 401 identified, 152 had been previously
misdiagnosed or had gone undiagnosed. After further medical evaluation,
medical professionals independently verified concussions in every one of
the people identified as at risk by the OBCAMS.

Brains Worldwide Foundation’s Indiegogo campaign launched on
#GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective
power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage
philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide. Visit
for more information.

About Brains Worldwide Foundation

Brains Worldwide Foundation NFP is impacting the lives of those who have
suffered from misdiagnosed or undiagnosed concussions, including
servicemen, women, children and athletes. The foundation’s mandate is to
provide education on the hidden dangers of brain concussions, conduct
research on objective assessment technologies for concussions and fund
college scholarships for injured student-athletes. Visit
to learn more about the innovative work being done to keep children


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