Car Harmony Launches Online Car Shopping With 3-Day At-Home Trial and No Upfront Commitment

Car Harmony modernizes the car shopping experience and makes online car
buying work seamlessly for the first time

today announced the launch of its online car shopping
service, which aims to turn the car sales industry on its head by
bringing a new level of convenience and hassle-free purchasing to
customers in the Los Angeles Area.

Customers today want to shop online, but they also need to see and try a
car before they commit. Car Harmony solves this problem by delivering
cars for a free 3-day, limited mile trial under a rental contract, with
no obligation to buy. Customers can choose their vehicle from an online
inventory of more than 100 used cars ranging in price from $15,000 to
$100,000, and can expect to receive inspected cars delivered to their
doorstep without having to leave the comfort of their home. There is no
charge up to the set mileage limit, and if the car is purchased any
overage fees are waived.

“It’s about time the car sales industry was shaken up,” said Car Harmony
Co-Founder Craig Nehamen. “While there have been some improvements,
competitors in the online car buying market don’t go far enough – they
often force clients to commit to a purchase online before ever trialing
the vehicle. We want to make buying a car an exciting, pleasant
experience and remove the upfront anxiety.”

Car Harmony provides customers its best possible price for each vehicle
from the onset, making difficult negotiations with pushy salespeople a
thing of the past. Moreover, the gas in the car is paid for the test
drive, even if the customer chooses to exceed the mileage limit.

Nearly all cars are two years old or newer, so they come with a
remaining factory warranty. And vehicles are put through a multi-point
inspection prior to delivery.

Another key differentiator of Car Harmony is financing. Through a direct
partnership with its financing partner, Car Harmony offers online
qualification to customers with an easy-to-fill form that has no credit
impact. Customers can see the financing options for which they qualify
on each vehicle in just a few clicks.

Finally, nearly all sales documentation is provided in electronic format
for the customer’s convenience. To complete the purchase of a car, the
customer pulls out a prepaid envelope from the glove box, signs two
pre-filled forms, and sticks them in the mailbox!

The company is a part of the Hankey
, which has a powerful blend of auto and technology assets.
This synergy brings Car Harmony a large inventory, a web development and
technology company, automated finance decisioning, and a seasoned and
high-end rental company that, in combination, puts the company far ahead
of the competition. “With the aid of Westlake Financial Services, Nowcom
and Midway Car Rental, Car Harmony has a huge opportunity to change the
way a customer purchases a vehicle. We see this as a perfect marriage of
technology, vehicles and financing to give customers a very unique way
of buying a car,” says Co-Founder Ian Anderson.

“Our customers can have star treatment, with door-to-door delivery and
pickup, and that all important 3-day trial or quick test drive at their
desired location. If someone wants to spend thousands of dollars on a
car, they should be completely sure they are making the right decision,”
added Nehamen.

About Car Harmony

Car Harmony was founded in Los Angeles in 2015 and is a part of the Hankey
. Co-Founders include Black Book SubPrime Auto Finance
Executive of the Year Ian
, Northwestern Kellogg MBA graduate Craig Nehamen and
Stanford Graduate Casey Harmon, who together had a shared vision to
improve the way car dealerships sold cars to customers.


for Car Harmony
David Goff, 1-323-692-8992