Cecilia Padilla Named to Women in Construction, Mavens of Technology by Constructech

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Construtech–Cecilia Padilla, President of On Center Software, was named to the Women
in Construction, 2016 Mavens of Technology
by Constructech
magazine editors. The list highlights women executives who help define
the construction technology industry and create growth by demonstrating
tech savvy and construction know-how.

Cecilia’s reputation in the construction industry has been under
construction for over 50 years. She literally grew up in a construction
family. In the early 1980s, Cecilia set out to expand her horizons and
was hired by the Raymond Group as their first female junior estimator.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Constructech magazine. But the
credit started with my father’s reputation and work ethic, which opened
the door for me originally. I still had to earn my place in the

Cecilia rose through the ranks of Raymond as they expanded from Orange
County, California to Las Vegas, specializing in themed façade projects
throughout the U.S. She became a senior project manager and area manager
with several multi-million-dollar projects on her resume after 12 years.
Her husband, in the oil and gas industry, was transferred to Houston.
Cecilia didn’t take a break. She was soon hired by another industry
giant, Marek Brothers Systems, as a senior project manager.

“The construction industry has always lagged in software adoption,” she
described. “Excel was not around, I used the killer app Lotus 1-2-3,”
she laughed. “Estimators did their takeoffs by hand and their estimates
with a 10-key. Yet, you could give five estimators the same set of plans
and specs, each one would have a different approach, but at the end of
the day, all five would be within a couple of percent of each other.”
There had to be a smarter way. When Cecilia joined Marek Brothers she
was introduced to Quick Bid. From the start, she was able to estimate
bids, put together labor and material budgets and manage change orders
in half the time. This was a giant leap forward.

Then On-Screen Takeoff was launched and productivity improved again.
Cecilia soon became On Center’s greatest fan, and a power user.

“Working with On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid together was amazing. I
felt that I could make the software tap dance for me. But I wanted the
software to do more, so I worked with Leonard Buzz (On Center’s
president) on features to make the software even better,” she explained.
“Leonard and I became great friends. He would ask my opinion on new
features his engineers were building, and give me the opportunity to
work on beta versions of the software. I was happy to help; I knew the
power of software automation.”

On-Screen Takeoff was then, and remains, the state-of-the-art
technology, enabling estimators to perform takeoffs on their laptop or
desktops without paper plans. Most estimators are able to begin using
On-Screen Takeoff in less than an hour. The next new software tied it
all together, Digital Production Control (DPC). A foreman or project
manager could now track, plan and forecast labor in real time.

“A contractor will use DPC to map out the next day’s work plan, the crew
knows how much work they are expected to complete each day. DPC also
tracks a project’s production and percentage of completion. Now you have
time to make changes, add another crew member, or change the crew mix,
early enough to impact the outcome of the job. Poorly managed labor
costs are what eat away at your profit margins,” she said.

In 2008 Cecilia went from collaborating with On Center to joining the
company as Vice President. She was selected by On Center’s founder
Leonard Buzz to become his successor and the new leader of On Center
Software after he retired.

Today, as president, Cecilia is regularly communicating with owners,
general contractors and subcontractors as she always has, because she
understands their pain points. This first-hand interaction forms the
foundation for On Center Software’s customer-centric business model.

For more information, visit www.OnCenter.com
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