CES 2016 Exhibitor Profiles: Keen Home to Ooma, Inc.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CES 2016, the world’s largest consumer technology event, takes place
January 6 – 9, 2016, in Las Vegas, NV.

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Listed below are CES 2016 exhibitor profiles Keen Home to Ooma, Inc.

Company: Keen Home
Booth: 70647 in the Sands Expo Center, Level 2, Halls A-C
Web: http://www.keenhome.io
Keen Home, the IoT startup inventing proactive hardware and software
for the connected home, is announcing the launch of their Air
Purification System at CES 2016. The Keen Home Air Purification
System features Smart Filters that easily snap into the Keen Home
Smart Vents to defend against germs, allergens, toxins, and odors
entering the home through its HVAC system. The product features
industrial-grade materials by 3M to purify the air while still
allowing high airflow. Keen Home will also be announcing their
integration with the Nest Learning Thermostat, as part of Nest Labs’
“Works with Nest” program.
Company: KICKER
Booth: 1719
Web: http://www.kicker.com
KICKER® is a home and mobile audio manufacturer. The company was
founded in 1973, and based in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With nearly
1,600 retailers in the US and partners in 62 countries, KICKER has
been named “the most successful aftermarket speaker manufacturer in
the country, and second largest aftermarket amplifier manufacturer,”
by the NPD Group. To build on that success, our growing Home and
Personal offerings now include wireless headphones, Bluetooth
speakers and earbuds. The company is also growing its powersports
amplifier and speaker lines, which are built specifically for the
ATV, UTV and motorcycle markets. Visit http://www.kicker.com for more
Company: Kiwi Wearables Technologies
Booth: 74950
Web: https://kiwi.ai/
Kiwi is a motion recognition technology company with the mission of
understanding and simplifying human motions. Kiwi is a dead simple
motion recognition platform that can get your products tracking
motions in literally a matter of minutes. Our proprietary motion
technology transforms raw sensor data from accelerometers and
gyroscopes into actionable events.
Ultimately, our algorithms have helped our customers understand
various motions. Our software can communicate relevant motions and
outputs (such as velocity, calories, power, torque etc.), as well as
different states (standing, sitting, falling, running, etc.). Our
software is sensor and device agnostic.
Company: KJB Security Products
Booth: 70650
Web: http://www.kjbsecurity.com/
Founded in 1992, KJB Security Products is a wholesale manufacturer
and distributor of security and surveillance products. Designed
specifically with the end user in mind, the company strives to make
professional level security simple for those wanting to protect
their homes and businesses. The company’s American designed
SleuthGear® brand of hidden cameras, GPS tracking and smart device
security are quality made, backed by excellent service and
competitive prices. With a proven on-time delivery performance of 98
percent and a return rate of less than one percent, KJB Security
Products has established its reputation as the premier supplier in
the surveillance market. The company distributes products to
hundreds of retailers and government agencies around the world.
Company: Klaxoon
Booth: 81143
Web: https://klaxoon.com/
A startup dedicated to creating interactive learning tools for
everyone, Klaxoon brings together 20 passionate collaborators from
software developers to learning specialists determined to help
everyone share knowledge on a daily basis. At CES 2016, Klaxoon will
be showcasing its cross-device learning platform including its
Klaxoon Box, a CES 2016 Innovation Award Honoree. Utilizing proven
high retention interactive learning techniques, Klaxoon turns any
discussion, meeting, brainstorm, conference call, seminar and of
course classroom into a memorable and interactive knowledgeable
experience. From March 2015, 18,000 users in 114 countries worldwide
have already implemented Klaxoon tools. For more information, visit
Company: KNOMO
Booth: LVCC North 4935
Web: http://www.knomo.com
London brand KNOMO creates beautiful intelligent accessories to
carry, organize and charge your technology, to get ‘Life Organised’
in the digital age.
Launched in 2004 with 6 ‘fashionable laptop bags’ in Selfridges,
London, the range has evolved into multiple men’s & women’s bag
collections that take you from day to night and week to weekend,
device-enhancing cases that you WANT to cover your phone or tablet
with, and most recently powered-accessories, making sure you’re
always ready for action.
KNOMO now sells products in over 40 countries through key retail
partners such as John Lewis, Harrods, Apple and Nordstrom, and
Company: Kwikset
Booth: 70523 Sands Expo
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: SPB
Web: http://www.kwikset.com/
Kwikset is the leading residential lock manufacturer, making
homeowners feel safe since 1946. The company’s unwavering commitment
to meeting homeowners’ needs has inspired its innovative lock
portfolio that includes patented SmartKey deadbolts, keyless entry
combination locks, connected home technology, first-to-market smart
lock, Kevo and a wide variety of styles and finishes. Our door
products provide customers with the quality, technology and style
they want while guaranteeing the highest level of security.
Headquartered in Orange County, Calif., Kwikset is part of the
Hardware and Home Improvement (HHI) division of Spectrum Brands
Holdings, Inc. Visit us at http://kwikset.com and
Company: Lander
Booth: 4318 – BGZ
Web: http://www.lander.com
Lander provides truly expedition-worthy protective accessories for
consumer electronics products that aren’t just slapped together with
bulky plastic and labeled “outdoor editions”, but designed carefully
and intentionally. The Lander line of CE accessories was created by
award-winning outdoor product designers that incorporate elements of
outdoor equipment you’d typically find at a base camp — products
that are lightweight, minimalist, durable and functional — and that
strike just the right balance of style and function – for urban
outdoors or off-grid adventure.
Company: leakSMART™
Booth: Iris® By Lowe’s®
Web: getleakSMART.com
leakSMART is the leading water leak monitoring and detection
solution for homeowners today. leakSMART is a patented water
mitigation system that provides complete home water protection and
security with leak detection and monitoring from burst water supply
lines, frozen pipes, and leaks from other everyday appliances and
plumbing fixtures. At the first sign of a leak (or freezing
temperature) leakSMART automatically shuts off the home’s water
supply to eliminate any threat of water damage. leakSMART also then
immediately alerts the homeowner via smart device — all in less than
five seconds.
For more information about leakSMART, visit getleaksmart.com.
Company: Lemmino
Booth: 80263 Eureka Park
Web: http://www.lemmino.com
Security for Everyone. Privacy for Everyone. Built for Everyone.
Empowering you to protect your own privacy is what we are all about.
Lemmino is a startup with the mission to make digital security and
privacy the norm through simpler, easier tools and anyone can use to
help wrap your head around security.
Our app lets you be in control of your device and keep it secure,
communicate privately with others, in the simplest way possible, for
free. Available for Android and iOS.
Company: LEVL
Booth: 74728
Web: http://www.levlnow.com
The LEVL device will measure what is actually going on inside your
body so you can make informed decisions about your health and
wellness routine to achieve your goals. It provides you with your
body’s state of fat burning by detecting your acetone level in your
exhaled breath. Available summer 2016.
Company: Leti
Booth: 81333 (Eureka Park)
Web: http://www.leti.fr/en
Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/2016-international-ces/Leti/
Founded in 1967, Leti is a technological research institute at CEA
Tech focused on innovating with industrial partners globally to make
our lives better.
With a staff of 1,800, a portfolio of 2,800 patents and 8,500m² of
nano/microelectronics cleanroom space, Leti helps improve consumer
Its technologies enable new uses in mobile devices, the Internet of
Things, wearables and high-performance computing. They increase
performance, functionality, reliability and security, while lowering
energy use and costs. Its partners range from global manufacturers
to SMEs. Leti has launched more than 50 startups. The institute is
based in France and has offices in the U.S. and Japan.
Company: Life Fitness
Booth: Sands Expo 74708
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: BC
Web: http://www.lifefitness.com

As the global leader in fitness equipment, Life Fitness is driving
the future of the fitness industry by offering the only truly open
platform technology. This unprecedented access redefines what
“connected fitness” means by allowing any third-party app or
wearable, such as Run Social, Fitbit, or Apple Health, direct
access to metrics collected from Life Fitness cardio equipment for
the most versatile and customizable workout experiences available.
Headquartered outside Chicago, Life Fitness is a division of
Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC). For more information on Life
Fitness and its family of brands, please visit
http://www.lifefitness.com, http://www.brunswickbilliards.com and http://www.scifit.com.

Company: Limitless Innovations, Inc.
Booth: 6438
Web: http://www.limitlessinnovations.com
In October 2012, with 4 flourishing businesses and over 150 patents
in various industries, the entrepreneurial Smeja family created a
consumer product company engaged in the design and development of
various cutting-edge, retail merchandise. That is when Limitless
Innovations, Inc. was born. Limitless Innovations, Inc. is a
consumer product company with a simple purpose, to provide the
consumer with the most innovative solutions for everyday problems.
The company’s flagship product is a Best of CES Award-Winning a
7-Port USB Universal Charging Station called ChargeHub™. The company
is excited to be debuting additional products within the category at
Company: LUCIS Technologies (NuBryte)
Booth: Sands 71752
Web: http://nubryte.com/
LUCIS Technologies develops innovative smart home technologies and
products. Its flagship smart home console, the NuBryte Touchpoint,
offers users an affordable, instant smart home solution with all the
top smart home features. Everyone in the household can now enjoy
monitoring and managing the home. The console’s built-in features
include: Automated lighting and fan control modes, security system,
energy reporting, a family checkpoint center with a shared calendar
and more. Expand the home’s NuBryte network with new NuBryte Flex
series accessories, and control from anywhere with the NuBryte
mobile app.
Company: Marathon Laundry Machines
Booth: 80934
Web: http://marathonlaundry.com
It’s time for a change. Marathon Laundry machines are designed for
people of the 21st century and are changing the way people do their
laundry. We are introducing Apple-like simplicity, progressing as
the poster child for the Smart Grid and adding a touch of Silicon
Valley magic.
Company: Markforged, Inc
Booth: Tech West 72717
Web: https://www.markforged.com
MarkForged’s mission is to bring high strength 3D printing to
everyday engineering. Offering the world’s only 3D printing systems
capable of automatically reinforcing engineering plastics to
aluminum levels of performance and beyond, MarkForged enables every
business to easily manufacture parts with structural strength right
on the desktop. The Mark One Composite 3D Printer™ empowers
professional users to affordably create workhorse 3D parts that
solve real problems, as well as realize reinforced structures never
before possible. MarkForged technologies are delivered with
thoughtful, powerful software designed for collaboration, sharing,
and scaling. For more information, visit http://www.MarkForged.com.
Company: MartinLogan
Booth: Venetian 30-118, 120
Web: http://www.martinlogan.com
Since 1983 MartinLogan has handcrafted high performance
electrostatic speakers. Their award-winning designs, advanced
technologies, and outstanding customer service have long made
MartinLogan’s amazingly detailed speakers a must have for home
theater and music lovers around the world. Located in Lawrence,
Kansas, MartinLogan’s dedicated in-house design and engineering team
carefully creates each speaker to provide unparalleled sound
reproduction along with industry leading aesthetics. To learn more
about MartinLogan, visit martinlogan.com.
Company: Marxent
Booth: 26229
Web: http://www.marxent.com
Marxent is the leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality product
visualization for retailers and manufacturers. VisualCommerce™ is
Marxent’s award-winning virtual products platform. It is the only
AR/VR platform designed to manage and publish infinite 3D products,
collections and configurations for the creation of immersive VR and
AR experiences. VisualCommerce™ makes AR/VR device agnostic and
works with all wearable and mobile AR/VR devices including iPad/iOS,
Android, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. Companies
tapping into the power of VisualCommerce™ include Lowe’s Home
Improvement, Hammacher Schlemmer, Simmons Mattress Company, Novartis
and CPG Building Products (AZEK, TimberTech).
Company: MEAZON
Booth: 81353
Web: http://www.meazon.com
Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/2016-international-ces/meazon/
Meazon, designs and develops easy-to-install award winning energy
metering solutions for optimizing energy efficiency—saving time,
space, and money. Meazon provides wireless circuit-level meters
allowing real-time breakdowns of energy consumption and control,
creating opportunities for saving energy. Meazon’s solutions are
customizable and components fit in most of the existing electrical
panels. Using superior ZigBee connectivity, energy meters can be
placed nearly anywhere in a building. Meazon’s customer base
includes utilities, ESCOs, system integrators and telcos, as well as
service providers and industrial companies.
Company: Micro Kickboard
Booth: 72957
Web: http://www.microkickboard.com/
Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/2016-international-ces/MicroKickboard/
Micro-Mobility, Switzerland, leads the revolution in personal
transport and has been designing the highest quality, best-rated
scooters and kickboards available since 1999. Fuel-free, foldable
and smooth-gliding, Micro employs a combination of elegant Swiss
design and cutting-edge technology, winning over 50 prestigious
awards worldwide. In 2016, Micro Kickboard will expand the line,
launching the first ever motion-controlled folding electric scooter,
the emicro one, a true modern hybrid equipped with a lithium polymer
battery and motor that add speed with every kick or push. This
allows the scooter to be ridden as a pure electric or as a hybrid
electric kick scooter.
Company: Midland Radio Corporation
Booth: 31000
Web: https://midlandusa.com/
Midland® announces total solution for emergency preparedness at the
2016 CES Show with its new E+READY™ Series. The complete line
includes emergency crank, NOAA® weather alert and two-way radios,
all of which are on FEMA’s recommended emergency supply checklist.
For over fifty years, Midland has been a pioneer in two-way radio
technology—the first brand of CB radios in the United States and the
first to introduce a 14-channel FRS radio to the market. Today,
Midland is the leading supplier of consumer two-way radios and
weather alert radios, and is an innovator in emergency preparedness
Online press info:
Company: MobileHelp
Booth: 73512, Sands Expo
Web: http://www.mobilehelp.com
MobileHelp is a mobile medical alert system that offers you the
ultimate in independence, confidence, freedom and peace of mind. The
system uses Mobile GPS satellite tracking with wireless cellular
Company: Monument Labs, Inc.
Booth: 81146
Web: http://getmonument.com
Is the cloud really ideal for treasured photos and videos? With
Monument you avoid monthly cloud fees and being locked-down into a
single company by creating a “personal cloud” using USB drives. This
smart device lets you enjoy your memories on TV at home or access
from anywhere using smartphone or tablet. Best of all, using its
proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), Monument sorts content by
time, location, scene, even people. So, you can search your
collection using keywords. More secure than the cloud, Monument
supports uploads from any SD card or smartphone via Wi-Fi. Monument
hits Kickstarter in January.
Company: MOREL
Booth: Ven. Suite 30-112
Web: http://www.morelhifi.com
Morel, an international leader in speaker components and systems
since 1975, manufactures handcrafted, award-winning loudspeakers and
raw drivers for the mid to high-end OEM, home and car audio markets.
Its products are sold in over 55 countries worldwide.
We invite you to take part and experience cutting edge transducer
technology, the latest custom integration products such as the new
SoundWall™ Surface hidden and semi hidden in-wall speakers, the new
SoundWall™ LCR in-wall modular soundbar, both offer high quality
sound with easy installation, and discover new innovative car audio
Listen how we UNLEASH THE MUSIC!
Venetian Suite: 30-112

Morpx Inc.

Booth: Sands Hall G – 80851
Web: http://morpx.com
Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/2016-international-ces/morpx/
Founded in Hangzhou, China by Dr. Tianli Yu and Dr. Yang Ran, Morpx
is a startup working on solving real world problems with the power
of computer vision and AI.
The new product launch event of Morpx will be held at CES 2016.
Please see the detailed schedule below.
Morpx Launch Event
Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mandalay Bay, South CC, Level 3, Palm A

In conjunction with CES 2016
Presenters: Tianli Yu & Yang Ran (Co-founders)
Company: MUV Interactive
Booth: Zeno 4708
Web: http://www.muvinteractive.com
MUV Interactive is a developer of innovative technologies for active
human sensing. The company’s flagship product, Bird, is an intuitive
wearable device that transforms any surface into a multi-touch
interface with 3D interactive capabilities. Bird communicates
directly with the user’s devices, enabling rich interaction with
anything from displayed content and smart home appliances to IOT
devices and drones.
Bird is the first device to integrate the entire spectrum of
interactive methods – including touch, remote touch, gesture
control, mouse functionality and hover. This gives users the
flexibility to interact with each type of digital content in the
most intuitive way.
Company: myFC
Booth: 82322 at Sands Expo
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: MYFC:FN Stockholm
Web: http://www.myfcpower.com/
Founded in 2005, a spin-off from the Swedish Royal Institute of
Technology, myFC is a world leader in micro fuel cell technologies
that is leading the way in portable, eco-friendly fuel cell chargers
for mobile devices. Its new-to-market JAQ™, the world’s smallest and
most powerful fuel cell charger, is a stylish and ultra-portable
charger that delivers 1800 mAh; equivalent to one full smartphone
charge. myFC is headquartered in Stockholm and was listed on the
NASDAQ First North in May 2014. The company’s Certified Advisor is
Remium Nordic AB. To learn more please visit http://www.myfcpower.com.
Company: Myfox
Booth: 70739 Sands
Web: http://www.getmyfox.com/
Since 2005, Myfox has been committed to redefining home security
with simple, unique solutions designed to safeguard families, their
homes and possessions. Going beyond standard security measures, the
Myfox Home Alarm Kit’s IntelliTAG™ sensor can detect break-ins
before they occur, providing proactive security. To further enhance
peace of mind, Myfox offers the only home security camera with a
privacy shutter.
Company: Nanoleaf
Booth: 70464 Sands
Web: http://nanoleaf.me/

In three short years, Nanoleaf has achieved what no other company
has done before, truly redefining the lighting landscape for the
first time since the incandescent. With a unique integration of
hardware and software technology, Nanoleaf has built a
revolutionary lighting system with intuitive voice control using
the HomeKit protocol. Combine this technology with an inspiring
yet functional product design and a keen eco-awareness, and
Nanoleaf’s line of award-winning products are born. By merging
intelligence with artistry, Nanoleaf transforms simple lighting
solutions into meaningful experiences. Our mission is to build not
just a smart home, but a harmonious home.

Company: Netatmo
Booth: 73900
Web: http://www.netatmo.com
Founded in 2011, Netatmo is an innovative company developing
consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle. Netatmo
carefully designs their products’ mechanics, electronics and
embedded software. Netatmo industrializes them with the finest
quality standards and designs the mobile and web applications that
unleash their capabilities.
The first device launched by the company, the Weather Station for
Smartphone, allows owners to measure indoor air quality, weather and
more. In November 2013, Netatmo launched their second product for
the European market, the Thermostat for Smartphone designed by
Starck. At CES 2015, Netatmo unveiled Welcome, the smart home camera
featuring revolutionary face recognition technology.
Netatmo will unveil its latest innovation at CES 2016.
Company: NinjaTek, a division of Fenner Drives
Booth: 73112
Web: http://www.ninjatek.com
Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/2016-international-ces/ninjatek/
NinjaTek is a dedicated 3D printing division within Fenner Drives, a
manufacturer in Pennsylvania that has over 50 years of experience in
extrusion. NinjaTek was formed based on the success of its flagship
product, NinjaFlex 3D printing filament, which is a high quality
flexible material sold in over 25 countries. The NinjaTek team
focuses on expansion of high performance materials to service
industrial needs.
Company: Nobo
Booth: 80132, Sands Expo
Web: http://www.nobo.io
Nobo helps clinicians, athletic trainers and consumers understand
the body in entirely new ways. The company focuses on previously
unmeasured parameters, revealing new insights into the body. Nobo’s
first product is a wearable device that continuously measures the
hydration level of its users.
Company: Nortek Security & Control
Booth: 70936 Sands
Web: http://www.nortekcontrol.com/
Nortek Security & Control: Nortek Security & Control is a world
leader in smart connected devices and systems for the residential,
security, access control and digital health markets. Through its
family of brands including 2GIG, GoControl, Linear, and Numera,
Nortek Security & Control leverages extensive design and engineering
capabilities and more than 50 year of innovation to provide
solutions for a diverse customer base. Nortek Security & Control
dedicated to addressing the lifestyle and business needs of millions
of customers every day and the leading manufacturer of Z-Wave based
connected devices.
Company: Odyssey Toys
Booth: 75063
Web: http://www.odysseytoys.com
Odyssey Toys is a rapidly growing, dynamic company dedicated to
designing, manufacturing, and distributing the finest hi-tech toys
and electronic gadgets at affordable prices. With over 20 years of
industry expertise, Odyssey Toys is at the forefront of developing
interactive toy technology for men, women, and children of all ages.
Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Odyssey Toys has offices in Hong
Kong and Los Angeles. Retail partners include Toys“R”Us, Brookstone,
Costco, Walmart.com, and Target.com, among others. For more
information about Odyssey Toys, visit http://www.odysseytoys.com.
Company: olloclip
Booth: 6319
Web: http://www.olloclip.com
The olloclip brand includes a growing line of ground-breaking tools
and accessories for the mobile photographer. Leveraging the
phenomenal success of its flagship product, the 4-IN-1 Photo Lens,
the company continues to innovate with products like the new
wearable 4-in-1 lens for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus and other revolutionary
products like the Active Lens, Macro Pro 3-IN-1 lens and olloCase —
all designed to push the parameters of what’s possible in mobile
photography. The company remains committed to finding new and
exciting ways to enhance the mobile photography category — and make
capturing and sharing life’s experiences more fun and creative.
Company: Ooma, Inc.
Booth: 21244, South Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: OOMA
Web: http://www.ooma.com/
Ooma provides innovative communications solutions and other
connected services to small businesses and consumers. Its smart
platform serves as a communications hub, offering cloud-based
telephony services that combine Ooma’s proprietary PureVoice® HD
call quality, blacklisting capabilities and other advanced features
with mobile applications for reliable calling. For small businesses,
Ooma Office offers a big business phone experience without the high
cost or complexity of traditional phone options. For homes, Ooma
offers free phone service with the purchase of Ooma Telo, which
integrates with Nest and other connected devices for the smart home.


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