Christian Leaders Ask to Meet with Trump, Clinton to Discuss Plans on Hunger and Poverty

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Christian leaders with the Circle of Protection have asked for meetings
with Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton to discuss the
presumptive presidential nominees’ “plans for offering help and
opportunity to hungry and poor people in the United States and around
the world.”

The Circle of Protection represents a diverse array of Christian
denominations, churches, colleges, and agencies across the country.

The letters sent to the presumptive nominees read, in part:

“The calling to public service is a sacred vocation, and we hold both
you and [the other nominee] in our prayers. We are leaders of Christian
communions, organizations, and schools who care deeply about hunger and
poverty, and we are praying for a president who shares that concern.

“Our churches and organizations are deeply engaged with many of God’s
children who work hard every day, but nonetheless struggle to make ends
meet. Our own experience of God’s mercy and compassion in Jesus Christ
moves us to engage in God’s work of overcoming human misery.

“Last September, the nations of the world committed themselves to
Sustainable Development Goals that focus on ending poverty and hunger by
2030. Many of us joined Pope Francis in welcoming that commitment and
praying for divine blessing on these efforts.

“Progress against hunger and poverty will require action by all sectors
of society and by all the nations of the world. Yet a shift in U.S.
national priorities is an essential next step. People of goodwill can
disagree about policy strategies, but little progress will be made
unless our next president takes a strong leadership role in making that
progress a priority.

“We request an opportunity for a group of us to meet, talk, and pray
with you as you pursue our nation’s highest office.”

Read the letter with signatories here:

The Circle of Protection is a coalition of many and diverse Christian
leaders working together for help and opportunity for hungry and poor
people in the United States and around the world.


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Chris Ford, 520-904-0415
Mershon, 202-745-4654
Association of Evangelicals

Sarah Kropp
Council of Churches (USA)

Steven Martin, 202-481-6929