CORRECTING and REPLACING Vicks Expands Sinex Portfolio to Offer Targeted Solutions to Treat Sinus Symptoms

“The Clear Your Head Medicine” is Poised to Lead the Sinus
Category, Offering Clarity in a Confusing Allergy and Cold Aisle

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“The Clear Your Head Medicine” is Poised to Lead the Sinus
Category, Offering Clarity in a Confusing Allergy and Cold Aisle

Sinus sufferers can now breathe a sigh of relief as Vicks®, the
trusted makers of NyQuil™ and DayQuil™, announced today the relaunch and
expansion of its Sinex™ brand, a complete line of over-the-counter (OTC)
medications designed for consumers who suffer from sinus symptoms. With
the relaunch, “The Clear Your Head Medicine” enters a misunderstood
category to offer consumers a clear choice for their nasal congestion
and pressure relief, regardless of whether symptoms are due to
allergies, colds or other triggers.

“Consumers can experience confusion when they’re trying to find a
product that can offer total sinus relief, partly because our research
has found that sinus lacks a true category leader. Without that
well-known, go-to sinus brand, people are left to juggle a variety of
products in order to find relief for their symptoms,” explained Dave
Tomasi, Commercial Director, P&G Personal Health Care. “With sixty-three
percent of sinus sufferers looking to a variety of medications that
might not do the job for their sinus symptoms, this expansion of the
Sinex line will offer one-stop-shop relief from a trusted brand.”

Seventy-one percent of U.S. households (85 million) suffer from sinus
symptoms in a given year, while seventeen percent of U.S. households (20
million) are severe sinus sufferers1. This relaunch marks
more than 50 years of the Vicks presence in the OTC sinus segment and
more than 100 years as a trusted cough, cold and flu brand. Available
this month, Vicks Sinex now offers a complete product lineup with both
sprays and LiquiCaps including:

  • Scent-Free Ultra Fine Mist
  • Severe Nasal Spray
  • Severe Ultra Fine Mist
  • Moisturizing Ultra Fine Mist
  • Nighttime and Daytime LiquiCaps
  • LiquiCap Convenience Packs

Originally, launched in 1959 as “Medi Mist,” the brand adopted the name
Sinex three years later and was the market leader through the mid-1990s.
While additional products have since entered the nasal spray market,
Sinex has retained high awareness and a loyal following due to its
“long-lasting relief” claim and the introduction of the first Ultra Fine
Mist in the 1990s. Since the mid-90s, the brand has offered fast-acting
relief in nasal spray form.

“There are many well-established brands for allergy relief but without
that true category leader for consumers who suffer from sinus symptoms,
it made sense to launch a line specifically designed to address these
consumers’ needs, regardless of the trigger. We want to keep it simple –
Sinex stands for sinus,” added Dave Tomasi.

By delivering a clear product benefit, not muddled by allergy and cold
or flu claims, the brand is focused on symptom relief with its “Clear
Your Head Medicine” message. The relaunch will include a holistic and
integrated marketing campaign, featuring national TV, online video,
in-store displays, couponing and a digital sinus incidence program.

With a variety of products, Vicks Sinex provides both solids and sprays
to meet consumers’ personal preferences. Sinex products are now
available in the aisles of major retailers throughout North America.


  • Sprays: $7.99
  • LiquiCaps: $7.99
  • LiquiCap Convenience Packs: $13.99

For more information on the enhanced Sinex line, be sure to visit


Vicks® is one of the most recognized brands around the world. Available
in more than 71 countries and on 5 continents, Vicks has helped relieve
cough, cold, and flu symptoms for generations. In the U.S., the Vicks
family includes, NyQuil™, the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand for Cough,
Cold and Flu Combinations for Nighttime Category2; NyQuil™
Severe; Children’s NyQuil™; DayQuil™ Cold/Flu; DayQuil™ Severe; DayQuil™
Cough; VapoRub™ Ointment the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand for Topical
Cough Suppressing Ointment3; BabyRub™; Sinex™ 12 Hour Spray;
Sinex™ Ultra Fine Mist; Sinex™ 12 Hour Ultra Fine Mist Moisturizing; and
Vicks® VapoDrops™. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Vicks is owned and
distributed by Procter & Gamble.


P&G serves consumers around the world with one of the strongest
portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Always®,
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community includes operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide.
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