Counsyl’s Genetic Tests Are Now In-Network With Medi-Cal

Insurance Coverage Will Expand Genetic Testing Access to One of the
Nation’s Largest Medicaid Programs

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Counsyl, a DNA testing and genetic counseling service, announced today
that its screening tests and services are now available as in-network
benefits under the California Medical Assistance Program (Medi-Cal).
Medi-Cal is one of the largest Medicaid programs in the United States,
providing free or low-cost health coverage for nearly 12 million

Counsyl offers three screening tests in Women’s Health and Oncology:

Medi-Cal beneficiaries who receive Counsyl tests will also have
on-demand access to counseling services with a board-certified genetic
counselor. The company employs 40+ genetic counselors, including on-call
counselors to help both physicians and patients interpret results and
understand next steps for their care.

The addition of Medi-Cal to Counsyl’s expansive list of in-network
“will bring genetic tests to people who may not have had
access to them otherwise,” said Ramji Srinivasan, Counsyl Co-founder and
CEO. “We believe genetic testing should be a mainstream health service
available to all who need it, and this serves as a step in that

“To make the biggest impact on patient health, we strongly believe that
DNA testing services should be an integral part of the healthcare
system, not separate from it,” said Alex Rublev, Manager, Market Access
and Reimbursement at Counsyl. “That is why we aim to work closely with
established medical providers and health plans. We hope to continue
expanding our in-network insurance coverage across the nation.”

About Counsyl

Counsyl is a DNA testing and genetic counseling service. We are
committed to helping patients understand their DNA and how it can inform
important health decisions. Whether it’s starting a family or evaluating
risk for cancer, Counsyl’s DNA screening tests provide patients with
early awareness about genetic conditions, so they can live informed and
prepare for the future. Counsyl has screened more than 600,000 patients
and served more than 10,000 health care professionals.

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