Beer & Food Course Earns High Marks

Preeminent Food and Beer Training Helps Culinary Leaders and
Establishments Thrive

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the leading industry voice of the craft beer movement,
is arming professional culinary educators with the most comprehensive
tools yet on the value of beer and food pairings via its
Beer & Food Course.
With more than 7,000 copies of the
professional course downloaded or ordered, culinary educators, as well
as food and beer professionals, see it as the definitive curriculum
source for educators on how beer and food transform each other.

“As more brands and styles of beer are available for the consumer, beer
education is paramount,” said Douglass Miller, Lecturer-Food & Beverage
School of Hotel Administration, Cornell College of Business. “The
increased level of beer knowledge for the staff will have a positive
impact on the revenue of an establishment.”

Beer accounts for $105.9 billion in sales in the U.S., compared to an
estimated $50 billion for wine, and is an expected addition to
restaurant beverage menus. A recent Nielsen survey found that 71 percent
of craft beer appreciators consider how a beverage will complement their
meal when ordering at restaurants and bars. The Beer &
Food Course infuses a competency in cuisine and craft beer pairing that
empowers educators, chefs and food and beverage professionals to create
menus that rise to meet restaurant-goers’ demands and expectations.

“In many cases, beer is now on the same level playing field as wine and
spirits,” said Chef Adam Dulye, co-author of the Beer &
Food Course and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. “Chefs
are starting to recognize all the possibilities with beer and how it can
pair and elevate the dining experience.”

“Small and independent craft brewers’ beers have helped beer reclaim its
place at the table and we’ve hit a stride with how the beverage is
treated in kitchens and on menus,” added Julia Herz, publisher,, co-author of the Beer & Food Course and
certified Cicerone®. “By increasing comprehension of beer
styles, pairing principles and presentation, we are elevating the
confidence of cooks and retailers to better incorporate beer into all
aspects of the culinary experience.”

Published by the Brewers Association, focuses on educating
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