CSID Bolsters Social Media Monitoring Product to Help Keep Children Safe Online

New integration alerts parents to privacy and reputational risks, and
instances of cyber bullying, weapons references, and sexual predator
activity for children across social networks

a leading provider of white-labeled solutions that help enterprises,
small businesses and consumer subscribers monitor their personal
information, business information and more, today announced that their Social
Media Monitoring
product now includes child monitoring services.
This important addition lets businesses enable subscribers with children
to monitor privacy and reputational risks, cyber bullying, weapons
references, and sexual predator activity for their child’s Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

CSID’s partners can now offer identity and reputation-related services
for the entire household. Social Media Monitoring, now extended to cover
children, empowers parents to defend against the growing threats across
social media. Social Media Monitoring is available to businesses as a
white-labeled solution, and can be rapidly customized and deployed via
CSID’s Identity Management Center (IMC).

Ninety-two percent of teens go online daily, with 91 percent of these
individuals sharing photos of themselves, and 71 percent sharing the
name of the city or town in which they live, according to the Pew
Research Center
. The information children share online can put them
at risk for identity fraud. A child’s activity on social networks can
also significantly impact his or her future success. For example,
posting socially unacceptable behavior on a social network can have an
adverse impact to the child’s chance of college admission. In fact, 35
percent of admissions officers in the same study reported that when
checking on a student’s online presence, they found something that
negatively impacted an applicant’s chances of getting in, a figure that
has nearly tripled from last year.

“In today’s world where children and teens are constantly connected,
they may be sharing information that puts them at risk for identity
theft, reputation damage, or worse,” said Joe Ross, CSID President and
Co-Founder. “The new child monitoring services added to our Social Media
Monitoring product will allow businesses to provide subscribers with
children peace of mind, knowing that they’ll be alerted if their
children are sharing any information or engaging in activities via
social media that puts them at risk.”

Social Media Monitoring is part of CSID’s suite of white label identity
theft offerings, including its proprietary CyberAgent®
technology, Non-Credit
, Child
and Family Protection
, Financial
Account Takeover
and Customer
. For additional information on Social Media Monitoring,
visit https://www.csid.com/identity-protection/socialmonitoring/.

About CSID

CSID, a part of Experian, is a leading provider of global identity
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