Datron’s CEO, Art Barter, Named to 2017’s Top Thought Leaders by Trust Across America

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#datron–Art Barter, owner and CEO of Datron World Communications, Inc., was
recently named as one of the Trust
Across America-Trust Around the World
(TAA-TAW) Top Thought Leaders
for 2017. The awards program, now in its 7th year, celebrates
professionals who are transforming the way organizations do business.

Barter, who is also owner and CEO of the Servant
Leadership Institute
, is known globally as an advocate for servant
leadership. Barter believes, “How we get results is more important than
the results themselves.” To teach people about the power of servant
leadership, Barter started in his own backyard by rebuilding the culture
of the manufacturing company he bought in 2004, Datron
World Communications
. Barter took Datron’s traditional power-led
model and turned it upside down, and together with his management team,
began focusing on serving others. The result: an international radio
manufacturer grew from a $10 million company to a $200 million company
in six years and most recently announced a record contract for the
company in the amount of $495 million dollars.

Barter believes the most important measure of his companies’ success is
how many people they have helped. Since the establishment of the Datron
Charitable Fund in 2006, the employees of Datron and SLI have given over
900 grants in 47 different countries in addition to serving its
customers around the world. “All of our relationships with the people we
serve revolve around trust,” Barter said.

For eight years TAA-TAW has been working with a team of cross-functional
professionals to study, define and quantify organizational trust and
trustworthiness. According to Barbara Kimmel, CEO and Cofounder, “The
release of this year’s list coincides with the beginning of the 5th
year of the formation of our Trust
, a growing group of global professionals committed to
learning together and advancing the cause of organizational trust.”

“I am truly honored to be recognized by Trust Across America,” said
Barter. “Trust means everything as a leader; without trust you don’t
have any creditability with those you lead.”

In 2015, Barter was recognized to be one of the Top 30 leaders named to
the John C. Maxwell Leadership Awards.

About Trust America

Trust Across America-Trust Around the World™ www.trustacrossamerica.com is
a program of Next Decade, Inc., an award-winning communications firm
that has been unraveling and simplifying complex subjects for over 20
years. TAA-TAW helps organizations build trust through an abundance of
resources and ever expanding tools. It also provides a framework for
organizations to improve trustworthy practices, and showcases
individuals and organizations exhibiting high levels of trust and

About Datron World Communications, Inc.

Datron World Communications Inc. www.datron.com
delivers voice and data radio communication systems worldwide. The
company’s offerings enable governments, security forces, and commercial
users to establish and maintain critical voice, data, and video
connectivity. Known for their ease of use and reliability, Datron’s
products and systems are currently deployed in over 80 countries. Datron
World Communications, Inc. was established in 1971 and is headquartered
in San Diego, California, USA. For more information, visit: www.dtwc.com.

About Servant Leadership Institute

The Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) www.servantleadershipinstitute.com
goes beyond theory; SLI helps people and organizations put servant
leadership into practice. This leadership approach challenges us to
build trust, actively listen, and add value. The institute’s resources
include many field-tested publications, leadership development training
programs, consulting and coaching services, and conferences and

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