Double Digit Increases Predicted for AC Repair Costs Summer 2017

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Homeowners who need to add the widely used R-22 coolant (also known as
Freon™) to their home’s AC systems have found it to be a chilling
experience this summer, due to sharp price spikes. Senior management at
Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning (,
North America’s largest residential HVAC repair service brand, predicts
that prices will continue to rise by double digits during the 2017
cooling season.

The significant increase is due to a government mandated phase-out of
R-22 refrigerant. Production of the chemical, believed to contribute to
ozone depletion, will cease in 2020. In 2017, production of R-22 will be
reduced by 28% from 2016 levels, and that percentage increases annually
for the next three years. As supplies decrease, retail prices have

But “topping off” the AC this summer with R-22 isn’t the solution. Rob
Haines, Marketing Manager with Service Experts, said low levels of
refrigerant in a central AC system indicates a bigger issue. “Any time
that R-22 has to be replaced in a system, it indicates there is very
likely a leak somewhere,” he commented. “In the past, just adding more
R-22 refrigerant was a short-term cost-savings, versus repairing or
upgrading the air conditioning system. But as the cost of R-22
refrigerant continues to increase dramatically, it now makes more sense
to consider longer-term solutions.”

Even though fall is on the horizon, there are still many options for
cost-savings on new AC equipment. The U.S. government has extended $500
tax credits on new high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, but
the system must be purchased by the end of 2016. (Certain sustainable
systems have even higher discounts over a longer timeframe.) These
credits can be combined with manufacturer’s rebates, such as Lennox
rebates of up to $1,700 available through mid September. Local utility
rebates can be taken at the same time, where available.

Haines adds that monthly energy savings also should be considered by
homeowners. “A new high-efficiency system could save up to 50% on
monthly utility bills,” he commented. “By taking advantage of all of the
latest sustainable refrigerant and energy options, including a monthly
payment plan such as one of the many that Service Experts offers,
homeowners may find that a brand-new system is a comfortable fit for the
family budget, as well as making the home a more comfortable retreat.”


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