Ebates Valentine’s Day Survey: Dinner, Gifts and Flowers Are Top Valentine’s Day Gift Choices

Lucy and Ricky are the couple most Americans would want to double
date with; first dates and blind dates are also popular on Valentine’s

a leader and pioneer in cash back shopping and subsidiary of the global
internet services company Rakuten, today announced the results of its
2017 Valentine’s Day Survey. The national survey, which was conducted
online by Propeller Insights on behalf of Ebates in January 2017 and
fielded among 1,008 adults, revealed that Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from “I
Love Lucy” are the fictional couple that Americans would most want to
double date with on Valentine’s Day (25 percent), followed by Jack and
Rose from “Titanic” (20 percent) and Ross and Rachel from “Friends” (19

What Women (and Men) Really Want—and Don’t Want

Dinner—it may seem cliché, but it’s the safe choice this year. Men and
women both admit that a date night out for dinner at a nice restaurant
is the gift they’d most like to receive (21 percent for men and 20
percent for women). This is followed by:

What women want most       Percent of women       What men want most       Percent of men who
for Valentine’s Day       who said this       for Valentine’s Day       said this
Something thoughtful       15 percent       Something thoughtful       14 percent
Chocolate/candy       10 percent       A romantic getaway       9 percent
Roses/flowers       9 percent       Chocolate/candy       9 percent
Jewelry or accessories       9 percent       A gift card       7 percent

When it comes to what Americans don’t want to receive, men and
women differ a bit more.

What women DON’T want Percent of women What men DON’T want Percent of men who
for Valentine’s Day       who said this       for Valentine’s Day       said this
Lingerie       24 percent       Roses/flowers       24 percent
Money       20 percent       A spa day/facial       22 percent
A car       18 percent       A nice bottle of wine/whiskey       18 percent
A gift card       16 percent       A gift card       17 percent

Americans also admit that a romantic getaway is the gift they’ve always
wanted but never received (36 percent). Not surprisingly, a surprise
getaway is how most Americans would choose to spend their Valentine’s
Day (26 percent), followed by dinner and a movie (24 percent).

Looking for Love? Valentine’s Day Is a Great
Time to Start

While it may seem cheesy, Americans are choosing love on Valentine’s
Day, with almost two-thirds of Americans saying that they’d go on a
first date on Valentine’s Day (61 percent), and more than half would go
on a blind date (53 percent).

Additionally, 41 percent reveal that they’d love to get engaged on
Valentine’s Day, with almost half choosing to get engaged alone with
their significant other (41 percent). Other popular proposal choices

  • While out to dinner—17 percent
  • While on vacation—13 percent
  • In front of family and friends—8 percent

Where don’t Americans want to get engaged? Thirty-eight percent chose a
jumbotron at a sporting event as the spot where they’d least like their
significant other to propose.

Hey, Big Spender!

It turns out that when it comes to who plans to spend the most on a
Valentine’s Day gift, men will dish out more cash for a present, with
more than a quarter of men revealing that their budget is between
$50-$100 (28 percent), while almost half of women say that they’ll spend
less than $50 (42 percent).

What is included in their total budget? Men admit that they’d rather
spend their money on dinner (61 percent), while women think the gift is
most important (53 percent). However, Americans admit that if they’re
trying to woo someone, they won’t spend more than $50 (34 percent).

When it comes to how much they’re planning to spend to get themselves
ready, two-thirds of Americans say that $50 is the limit (36 percent).

Americans Enjoy Planning for Valentine’s Day

More than three-quarters of Americans say that they’ve never forgotten
Valentine’s Day (79 percent) and 36 percent of Americans reveal that
they begin Valentine’s Day preparations one month in advance.

However, for those who have forgotten about the holiday, 35 percent
admit that they have used an emergency gift, and that to get the
emergency gift, they’ve rushed to a grocery store or gas station for
flowers and a card (33 percent).

“The survey shows that this Valentine’s Day is all about love, and
Americans want to find the perfect gift for their significant other,”
said Kevin H. Johnson, CEO of Ebates. “Ebates makes it easy to save
money by shopping both online and in-store for everything from
chocolates to jewelry and even a romantic getaway.”

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