eBay Partners with Organizational Guru Marie Kondo to Create an Exclusive Guide for Parents and Kids Seeking New Ways to Tidy up the Home

Back to School Tips and Tricks Teach Families How to Earn Extra Money
by Selling on eBay to Fund Fall Essentials – Available Only at

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, eBay
and Marie Kondo, the best-selling author of “The Life Changing Magic of
Tidying Up,” release an exclusive guide that makes de-cluttering an easy
and enjoyable experience for parents and children. With inspiring
illustrations and never-before-seen tips, the guide features
downloadable “KonMari for Kids” flashcards – offering new ways for
families to ready their homes and cash in on unused items, just in time
for the back to school season.

eBay’s partnership with Ms. Kondo comes at a pivotal point in the year,
when many parents want to earn extra money by selling items from their
homes and then use that cash to cover the cost of back to school
essentials. Ms. Kondo’s latest work applies her famous systematic
approach to de-cluttering and distills the information into tailored,
timely tips that encourage the entire family to get involved. The guide
is available exclusively on the “People
Want What You Got”
section of eBay’s website at ebay.com/sellitnow,
and will serve as an ongoing resource for parents.

“The KonMari Method focuses on determining which items in your life
‘spark joy,’” said Ms. Kondo. “Whether it’s a sweater with the tags
still attached or a designer purse hanging in your closet, there is a
reason these things aren’t used more often – my recommendation is to get
rid of them. Since clothing, handbags and shoes are bestsellers on eBay,
you may choose to sell some of the fashion items that aren’t bringing
you joy.”

Preparing for Back to School

According to the National Retail Federation, people will spend more than
$600 sending children back to school this year – and nearly $900 for a
college student – often causing financial strain.1 But, the
average household has more than 50 extra or unused items worth over
$4,0002 if sold on eBay. For families looking for a simple
way to earn extra money to help fund their back to school shopping,
selling on eBay has never been easier.

“Marie Kondo’s book has sold more than 3 million copies and motivated
countless people around the globe to remove items from their homes that
are not being used,” said Vincent Payen, head of Consumer Selling at
eBay. “As people embark on their tidying journey, eBay provides a range
of options to earn extra money, whether they prefer selling themselves
or letting eBay Valets do it for them – it’s a quick and easy way for
anyone to sell anything, from designer clothing and handbags to
electronics and household items.”

eBay is also a top destination for great deals on an incredible
selection of back to school essentials – get up to 60 percent off school
supplies and gear, plus free shipping, at ebay.com/rpp/back-to-school.

An Excerpt from “KonMari for Kids”

  • Ready, Set, Go! Back to School season is a perfect time to
    organize the home for a busy school year ahead. The KonMari Method is
    to tidy all at once, in the right order. Always start with clothes,
    then books, followed by documents, then miscellaneous (e.g., kitchen)
    and finally, sentimental items. Most families tidy room by room, but
    if you do this, you will spend the rest of your life tidying.
  • First Up…Clothes. Your tidying campaign should start with
    clothes. With the kids going back to school, this is a great
    opportunity to make room in their closets. Each person should gather
    every item of clothing they own, from every corner of the house, and
    pile them all in their designated spot. Then, it’s time for the ‘joy
    check.’ Hold each item in your hands and choose the ones that spark
    joy. Ask yourself, “Would I be happy to see you again next
    season?” or, “If the weather suddenly changed, would I want to wear
    you right now?”
  • Make Room for New Gadgets. There aren’t many certainties in
    life but here’s one: that laptop you loved only a few years ago is
    already outdated. And, maybe that old calculator and tablet, too. But
    some people really love that ‘vintage’ stuff. So out with the old and
    get your fingers ready for the new.
  • Keep or Discard? There are only two choices in the end: do you
    or do you not keep an item? It’s a personal decision that only you can
    make. But if an item no longer brings you joy, it might bring someone
    else joy. There are many options if you decide the item is not quite
    right for you to keep: you can sell it with eBay
    – a professional selling service, donate the item to
    charity, or pass it along to a friend or family member who might
    benefit from and cherish the item.

To download the full guide with 15 illustrated flashcards, visit ebay.com/sellitnow.

Tidying Consultation with Ms. Kondo

Ms. Kondo’s consulting business in Tokyo helps people transform their
cluttered homes into spaces of serenity. She typically has a three-month
long waiting list for prospective clients, but one lucky winner will be
granted a tidying consultation this fall.

Beginning today through September 2nd, eBay is hosting a
sweepstakes for anyone who would like to demonstrate how they’ve
employed the KonMari Method at home.

To enter, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Share your #prekonmarikomono and #postkonmarikomono photos as a
    collage on Instagram
  2. Tag and follow @eBay
  3. Use hashtags #KonMari and #eBaysweeps from August 27 – September 2,

For more information, along with terms and conditions, visit http://bit.ly/1hGrkRn.

Selling on eBay

With a global community of 157 million active buyers, there’s always an
eBay shopper in search of your clothing, electronics, kitchen appliances
and other popular household items.

eBay’s simplified selling experience makes the process easier than ever.
A new guidance system takes the guess work out of selling by providing
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both eBay.com
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To sell on eBay:

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  3. Once the item sells, print a shipping label on eBay and ship it!

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To sell through eBay Valet:

  1. Visit ebay.com/valet
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Once the items have been sent to a valet, customers will receive regular
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1 According to the National
Retail Federation 2015 Back to School Spending Survey

2 The survey conducted by Optimsoft Consulting in
June 2015 and collected responses from 2,000 U.S. online shoppers.


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