Elite Training Facility Drive495 Strengthens Offerings with Impact Cryotherapy System

a specialized training facility located in New York City, is now
offering the world’s most technologically advanced cryotherapy system
from Impact Cryotherapy. Atlanta-based Impact
is the U.S. leader in designing and manufacturing whole
body cryotherapy systems

“Our job at Drive495 is to add value to everyone’s lifestyle; to give
everyone an added edge in not only sport, but life,” said Don Saladino,
a nationally recognized fitness expert who is the owner of Drive495.
“After using cryotherapy, my recovery improved drastically, my energy
went through the roof and my sleep improved. I felt like I could repeat
activities day in and day out with much more ease. It’s a no-brainer
that collaborating with Impact Cryotherapy is the next step to taking
Drive495 to the next level.”

has become one of the fastest growing whole body
cryotherapy companies in the world through a combination of product
innovation and excellence combined with the growing popularity of whole
body cryotherapy
. Impact Cryotherapy systems
are used nationally and internationally by a wide range of professional
and university sports teams
, resorts
and spas
, training
centers and wellness entrepreneurs

“We are delighted to partner with Drive495 in bringing Impact
Cryotherapy to New York City,” said Richard
E. Otto
, Impact Cryotherapy Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.
“Our equipment is manufactured in the U.S., which means we have
end-to-end control of the engineering, design, manufacturing process,
quality assurance, installation, training and servicing.”

Otto added, “By examining opportunities for innovation that improve
performance, safety and energy efficiency, Impact Cryotherapy has met
the growing need for reliable and affordable units for use by athletes
and other individuals who find cryotherapy beneficial to their health
and performance.”

body cryotherapy
was introduced in Japan during the 1970s to treat
rheumatoid arthritis, and its use quickly spread and expanded throughout
Europe. The user stands on an adjustable platform inside the chamber so
his/her head remains outside the chamber. The chamber is filled with
nitrogen vapor, which drops the temperature to a range of (minus) –
120°C to -140°C and temporarily lowers the temperature of the skin’s top
layer. The treatment lasts a maximum of three minutes before the Impact
Cryotherapy unit automatically turns off.

Impact Cryotherapy has compiled an informational sheet on its key
benefits and differentiators, available

About Impact Cryotherapy

is the U.S. leader in designing and manufacturing whole
body cryotherapy systems, offering the most technologically advanced
cryotherapy unit available in the market today. Used to enhance athletic
performance and for other fitness and wellness purposes, the company’s
state-of-the-art systems are sleek, attractive single-person chambers
that are manufactured in the U.S. in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
facilities and have achieved UL listing. Impact Cryotherapy’s
American-designed and American-manufactured system is being used
worldwide and has quickly become the system of choice for professional
and college athletic teams, including numerous installations in the NFL,
NBA, MLB and NHL. Learn more at www.impactcryo.com.


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