Face Lift Surgery of Korean Plastic Surgery Giving a Baby Face

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It is hard NOT to find anyone who doesn’t shave down the jawline or
“smart-edit” their faces to be smaller with their photoshop app after
snapping a picture with their cellphones. Facial Contouring allows you
to delete your photoshop app and live a photoshop free life.

Ideally, your face should be divided into 1:1:0.8 ratio from your
hairline to your brows, brows to your nose tip, and nose tip to your
chin. Facial Contouring divided your face into 3 sections and contours
your face in 3 different sections to make the most proportioned and
balanced face shape.

Long Upper Face: Forehead Reduction

A high hairline or elongated forehead in women can result in a more
masculine appearance. Forehead Reduction reduces the width of the
forehead to approximately 5-6cm depending on the patient’s facial ratio
without additional hair follicle grafting to present the most beautiful

Long Mid Face: Zygoma Reduction & Rhinoplasty

Midface plays a key role in determining one’s first impression.
Beautiful and high nose that is centered in with smooth cheekbone that
flows flawlessly from the skull create a perfect midface. Rhinoplasty
not only improves the aesthetic aspects of rhinoplasty procedure but
also improves the functionality via 3D CT scan analysis.

Long Lower Face: Jaw Reduction & Chin Reduction

If your chin is long, it makes you look older and recent trend is
leaning towards a shorter chin for a more youthful look. Jaw Reduction
combined with chin osteotomy gives the perfect vline from the front and

TL Plastic Surgery Korea’s Facial Contouring Director Choi Sewoon’s
unique qualifications as a facial contouring specialist enables him to
perform this highly specialized procedure in a manner that best suits
each patient’s individual facial contours for superior results.


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