FeeX Named Most Disruptive Fintech Startup

  • Startup selected amongst 250 entries as 2016 winner for prestigious
    Benzinga Fintech Awards

a service that helps people save money and retire richer, has been named
the most disruptive fintech company of 2016 at the annual Benzinga
Fintech Awards. Of 250 eligible applicants, FeeX stood out as a result
of its success in upending prior conceptions about retirement savings.

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award,” commented FeeX CEO
Yoav Zurel. “People are currently missing out on almost a third of
potential retirement savings due to hidden fees. FeeX gives power back
to the people to make the most of their retirement. We are honored that
Benzinga has recognized our commitment to innovation.”

In its second year, the Benzinga Fintech Awards recognize companies and
individuals who have shown the most innovation over the course of the
year. Over 250 companies applied for the 18 awards distributed on May
24th. Of the winners, Benzinga founder and CEO Jason Raznick commented,
“I would like to personally congratulate all the winners of this year’s
Benzinga Fintech Awards. They all demonstrated the kind of forward
thinking and product development that will move our industry forward for
years to come.”

Founded in 2012, FeeX is dedicated to helping people retire richer by
reducing the fees they spend on retirement savings. The company
continues its efforts of constant improvement and innovation. In March,
they released the Investment
Test Drive
, which allows users to compare their retirement plans
with similar, lower-cost fees if they exist.

A range of tools allows FeeX users to take control of their savings

  • FeeX Concierge: Takes care of the hard work of rolling over
    your old 401k.
  • Rollover Center: Determining whether you should rollover your
    old 401k, and if so where to.
  • Adviser Center: Uncovers and reduces both your adviser and
    investment fees.

“FeeX believes in exposing the hidden fees too often associated with
retirement planning,” added Zurel. “This award is a testament to the
dedication and persistence of the entire FeeX team to help people make
the most of their retirement.”

About FeeX:

FeeX is a service that finds and helps reduce fees within investment and
retirement accounts like IRA, brokerage accounts and more. Simply link
investment accounts and FeeX’s sophisticated algorithm uncovers
advisory, investment and expense ratio fees and suggests alternative
ways to save and reduce the cost of fees. In the last six months FeeX
has launched three new products and services including FeeX
for Advised Accounts
, the FeeX
service and the 401k
Rollover Center.
In 2015, Fast Company named FeeX No. 3 of the World’s
Top 10 Most Innovative Companies
in Personal Finance. The company
was founded in September 2012 by Yoav Zurel, David Weisz, Eyal Halahmi
and Uri Levine — creator of Waze (which was acquired by Google in
mid-2013). FeeX is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. The
FeeX Concierge service is an administrative service that does not
consist of advice, and all investment advice is provided via the
website. For more information, follow FeeX on Twitter,
or visit: www.FeeX.com.


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