FlipBelt Launches Hydration Belt for Runners and Fitness Enthusiasts

FlipBelt announces new version of its wildly popular fitness belt to
ensure customers are adequately hydrated while working out.

makers of the popular fitness belt, is proud to introduce another fun
and functional fitness accessory – the FlipBelt Hydration Belt. The new
FlipBelt Hydration Belt is a Classic FlipBelt that comes with three
custom-fit water bottles to help fans stay hydrated and energized.

The FlipBelt Hydration Belt features two 6 oz. and one 11 oz. FlipBelt
specific water bottles that can be used for water, energy supplements or
liquid carbohydrates. These custom-designed bottles contour to the body
to ensure a secure, comfortable fit without distracting bouncing. They
fit easily and securely in the FlipBelt to give consumers a convenient,
hands-free workout while keeping water easily within reach.

“FlipBelt is all about providing people with better fitness solutions
and accessories to help them work out and stay active,” said Samantha
Bruce, Events Coordinator and avid marathon runner at FlipBelt.
“Traditional hydration belts are often bulky and uncomfortable, but the
FlipBelt Hydration Belt offers a sleek, functional, easy-to-use
alternative that runners and fitness fans have been looking for.”

The FlipBelt Hydration Belt retails for $43.99 and can be purchased
directly on their website, flipbelt.com.
This unisex hydration fitness belt is available in sizes ranging from XS
– XL, and four trendy colors, including black, carbon, hot pink and aqua.

In addition to their hydration belt and the company’s flagship fitness
and running belt, FlipBelt also supplies additional fitness accessories,
such as a safety running light, standalone water bottles and waterproof
storage bags.

About FlipBelt

FlipBelt is based in colorful, active Colorado. The company is led by a
health conscious, motivated and creative team passionate about creating
functionally simplistic products that enhance a person’s lifestyle.
FlipBelt’s concept was built on personal experience of being unable to
find the perfect solution and workout accessories to match out active,
on-the-go lifestyles. The Classic FlipBelt has earned an incredible
reputation and the company is continuously working on new, innovative
fitness accessories to help fans comfortably and safely achieve their
fitness and lifestyle goals. For more information, visit flipbelt.com.


Dan Schacter, 303-416-6597