Football Trumps the Election

Retailer’s survey reveals fans would rather watch football than
key election moments

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the election buzz in full swing, and seemingly on everyone’s mind,
it won’t necessarily be what’s on everyone’s television set. A recent
survey by appliances, electronics and furniture retailer hhgregg
(NYSE: HGG) asked the question “For which election event would you host
friends and family at your home?” to which the overwhelming response at
64% was, “None of the above, I’ll be watching the (football) game.” That
answer beat out election night coverage (19%) and the presidential
debates (18%), respectively.

Football watching has become an event in and of itself over the years,
and with teams lacing up their cleats and kicking off another season,
hhgregg delved into the topic that continues to gain traction with fans:

hhgregg commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 people and found that
70% would rather get together with friends and family at home to enjoy
the game than actually go to the game and tailgate. Not only that, the
number of times each season fans are homegating grew substantially
compared to last year. This year, 34% of pigskin pariahs said they
homegate at least four times per season, compared to 25% last year.

“It’s not just the camaraderie in the comforts of someone’s own home or
the cost savings that continues to drive football fanatics to the
homegate,” said Chris Sutton, Senior Vice President of Marketing at
hhgregg. “4K TV technology has enhanced the football-watching experience
and smart appliances are contributing to that growing foodie culture who
love to entertain guests with football as a backdrop.”

When it comes to the guests, some of the more intriguing hhgregg survey
findings were related to who people want to saddle up next to on the

  • The Everyman: Michael Strahan edged out Rachel Ray as the
    person most requested to host a homegate, 36% to 35%, respectively.
  • Champion in the House: Peyton Manning, with 51% of the vote,
    ran away from the pack on the question “Which former NFL player would
    you most want to attend your homegate,” with Brett Favre coming in
    second at 27%.
  • Friends Forever: When football watchers are hosting a homegate,
    58% say they will invite friends who are fans of a rival team.

With the guest list covered, the survey revealed other nuances of the
homegate that hit home:

  • Lazy Bones: 64% would rather attend a homegate so they can sit
    back and relax, as opposed to hosting one so they could be in complete
    control of everything (34%).
  • Feeling Lucky? When getting the food on the table for a
    homegate, 46% said they’d prefer to make it a potluck, with the next
    closest answer being to make the food themselves (29%).
  • Getting Social. People really do still talk to each other. When
    asked what they do at halftime of a homegate, “mingle with other
    guests” was the no. 1 answer with a whopping 40% of the vote. Checking
    social media came in at 14%.

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Sarah Davis