From Ugly U to the Perfect V

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the age of appearance competitiveness, baby-face is winning over
‘pretty face’ & ‘nice body’ era. Baby face with small oval shape is
becoming the trend. As the attention to baby-face grew, ‘facial
contouring’ became the hottest topic. Facial contouring is not a
procedure that simply makes the image of a face look younger, but
eliminates the aged look by reducing the size of bone structure.

Especially overly developed square jaw makes you look older because the
cheeks can look sunken and make the person look masculine. As a result,
square jaw reduction is one of the most popular facial contouring

Bodylong curved square jaw reduction amongst all is receiving the most
favorable evaluation for its effectiveness and safety. Bodylong curved
square jaw reduction surgery can achieve highly satisfying results
because it is customized according to each patient’s jaw skeleton, skin
elasticity, thickness of fat layer and amount of muscle.

Bodylong curved square jaw reduction is a surgery that transforms a
square jaw into a smooth v-line in every angle. It is highly effective
in making smaller face because it reduces excessively developed jaw
structure and considers the patient’s skin elasticity, thickness of fat
layer and amount of muscles. Patients can achieve a more dramatic effect
if V line genioplasty is combined, Director Sewoon Choi of Facial
contouring Center explains.

V line genioplasty is a surgery that removes the tip bone of the jaw by
putting it upside down. It is a surgery that makes sleek and sharp chin

V line genioplasty is a perfect method to prevent sagging and achieve
smooth v-line without any extra excision. TL Plastic Surgery Korea’s
modified T-shape osteotomy removes only the small narrow area in the
center of chin structure without muscle excoriation and completes the
supple v-line of the chin.

Director Choi mentioned that “patients are highly satisfied with the
V-line genioplasty surgery, which evolved from the existing chin
osteotomy, because it minimized the procedure and enhanced safety.” He
also added, “However, patients must choose the hospital extra carefully
because face contouring surgeries are difficult procedures with high
risk. To achieve satisfying result from face contouring surgeries, it is
very important for the patients to choose medical staff with abundant
surgical experience and know-how in face contouring field.”


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