FUSION and The Root Join Forces with the Peabody Media Center to Celebrate Black History Month

Series Kicks Off Partnership That Brings Together Award-Winning
Content and Diverse Voices to Elevate Important National Issues

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FUSION, The Root and the Peabody Media Center have launched a content
partnership that will bring Peabody’s rich media archive together with
FUSION’s diverse voices to explore issues of contemporary social
importance. The first project will celebrate Black History Month in a
digital video series that revisits African-American history from several
perspectives including: an examination of how race has been a defining
feature of the struggle for equality and justice for all of Baltimore’s
citizens; black power and creative expression in the civil rights era;
and historical documentaries that focus on the rich tapestry of what
it’s like to be black in America.

The series will be featured throughout February across the digital,
social and OTT platforms of FUSION and The Root, the leading news and
culture site for African-Americans, and will include contemporary
Peabody-winning programming by some of the most creative
African-American storytellers working in television today:

  • “Baltimore: Then & Now” | Baltimore has been a case study
    of race relations in America since the mid-1950s. The Peabody Media
    Center revisits its archive for content that demonstrates how the
    city’s conversation about race has evolved over the years, finding
    that poverty, class and lack of investment in infrastructure have long
    been key factors in the city’s struggles. See the first installment
    now on The
    and FUSION.net.
  • “Black Power and Creative Expression” | Both local and national
    programming provided African-Americans vehicles to express themselves
    through art and performance. From spoken word performances on
    productions such as “Tell It Like It Is!” and “Colored People’s Time”
    to appearances by James Brown and Nina Simone on national TV, the
    medium captured the voices of a movement.
  • “Storytellers: Giving African-Americans a Voice” | From obscure
    entries such as Ossie Davis’ “Slavery” to transformative programs such
    as “Roots,” a look at the role of African-Americans from behind the
    lens, featuring conversations with Stanley Nelson and Henry Louis
    Gates Jr., the co-founder and Chairman of The Root.
  • “African-American Narratives Today” | Race remains a central
    talking point in the U.S. and Peabody continually recognizes stories
    and storytellers that address the issue in innovative, unexpected
    ways—now it examines a few examples of voices that are changing and
    continuing the conversation. Segment includes a special conversation
    with Key & Peele.

Peabody Spotlight is a digital series produced by the Peabody
Media Center at the University of Georgia. Each piece draws from the
vast Peabody Awards archives, the third largest repository of
audio-visual materials in the United States. Peabody Spotlight will
focus on significant societal issues as represented through the
storytelling of Peabody winners and finalists, as well as 75 years of
broadcasting’s best programming.


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