Galvanize to Offer GI Bill to Teach High Tech Skills to Veterans

New eligibility will help veterans develop skills for high-paying,
in-demand tech jobs

the dynamic tech learning community, today announced that United States
Military veterans and their dependents may now use the GI Bill to pay
for this training. Eligible veterans can now apply to use the GI Bill at
the Galvanize Golden Triangle campus in Colorado.

Galvanize offers unique, industry-leading, fully immersive data
engineering, data science and web development programs that teach
students the skills they need to get high-paying jobs and build
long-lasting careers in technology.

“Galvanize is committed to outreach efforts that foster a more inclusive
tech industry by offering opportunities for veterans and others,” said
Jim Deters, CEO of Galvanize. “We are honored to provide military
members, their families, and veterans with rewarding tech skills and
career pathways after their military service is completed.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently
more than 500,000 open positions in the US in technology fields such as
web development and data science. Using the GI Bill at training
facilities like Galvanize, will accelerate career options for millions
of veterans and allow them to enter the workforce more quickly than
other options such as traditional four-year degrees. To expedite tech
careers, Galvanize not only partners directly with employers and
industry leaders but models its curriculum on their needs and matches
graduates with jobs.

“Just about every good job requires some tech ability,” said Tyler Maier
of the US Navy who is using the GI Bill to learn web development at
Galvanize’s Golden Triangle campus. “So learning a valuable tech skill
like software opens a lot doors. For vets, that’s often all we need.”

The new GI Bill opportunity underscores Galvanize’s on-going commitment
to serve veterans and other underrepresented populations. In March,
Galvanize convened their second Tech Inclusion summit to highlight the
need to open career options in the tech industry among women,
minorities, and overlooked constituencies including veterans. Tech
Inclusion: Austin
, featured a panel on veterans in tech which
included Nigel LeBlanc, the Founder/Chairman at Cyber Warrior Network
and Young Bang, VP at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Galvanize also works closely on the White House’s TechHire
which is comprised of 50 states, cities, and regions that
are building an ecosystem where governments, employers and training
providers develop a pipeline of diverse, non-traditional talent,
including veterans, to meet employers’ rapidly growing IT demands.

Eligible veterans, as well as anyone interested in applying for
Galvanize’s data science, data software or web development programs can
for more information, including the application process and other

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