Gamers Rally to Back More Than $300,000 for CONSORTIUM: The Tower on Fig in Just Six Days

Developer Interdimensional Games Reveals First Stretch Goal

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In just six days, Interdimensional Games has achieved its initial goal
of $300,000 USD ($387,316.50 CAD) on the Fig
crowdfunding platform for CONSORTIUM: The Tower. More
than 2,300 backers have pledged for rewards or registered their
investment interest for the upcoming science fiction simulation game,
after surpassing the halfway mark in the first 24 hours.

“Getting this volume of support in such a short time has been truly
humbling, and it’s clear that fans are as excited about the next game in
the CONSORTIUM trilogy as we are,” said Gregory MacMartin, CEO,
Interdimensional Games. “We’re striving to deliver the twisting,
immersive game that fans desire, and can provide even more content
through our upcoming stretch goals.”

The first stretch goal, at the $350,000 milestone, will introduce
“Equipment Engineering,” which allows players to upgrade their Personal
Containment Unit (P.C.U.) in The Tower to recycle materials and combine
them to upgrade their equipment. Additional stretch goals will be
revealed at a later date.

“It’s great to add another successful campaign to our roster, and help
ensure that innovative titles like The Tower will make it to
launch,” said Justin Bailey, Founder and CEO, Fig. “Even better, over
two thirds of backers have chosen to support the game through investment
reservations, thereby reserving a stake in the potential financial
success of the title, in addition to any pledges of rewards they may
have made.”

The crowdfunding campaign will be live on Fig
until May 11.

Download the press kit here.

About Interdimensional Games Inc (iDGi)
Driven to push the
boundaries of videogaming, iDGi is a collection of highly creative and
passionate individuals dedicated to advancing the art form of
interactive storytelling through the creation of immersive first-person
gaming experiences with a moral compass. Their first title, CONSORTIUM,
released in 2014, is the first game to use the iDGi-1 Interactive
Storytelling Technology and is widely regarded as an extremely original
and unique interactive experience. With CONSORTIUM: The Tower,
iDGi is aiming to apply the iDGi-1 tech to an experience with a large,
open world sandbox environment, the colossal Churchill Tower.

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