Get Your V-line on with Personalized Genioplasty

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Soft face shape despite your age determines you to be seen as a likable
person or not. Recent craze of having a smooth face-line encouraged
people to have non-surgical v-line procedures like facial contouring
injections or Botox, and for more permanent results, increasing number
of people are seeking to have their facial bones contoured. This
phenomenon doesn’t limit to Koreans, but also foreigners all over the

V-line refers to a long slim shape in a straight line from below the
ears to the chin. This type of jaw line gives you more youthful and
girly image, so many female patients decide to go with the surgery.

If your big jaw line is created by edema or fats, dieting or massaging
could help the situation, but if your bone itself is overly developed,
facial contouring is your only help.

If your jaw under the ears is overly developed, square jaw reduction
would be the best option. However, some people have weak jaws with
rounded, under developed chin which is set backwards to make your face
shape less desirable.

TL Plastic Surgery Facial Contouring Center Director Choi, Sewoon
analyzes overall balance, proportion, nerves, and other components to
create the personalized plan for the perfect V-line. Evolved V-osteotomy
or T-osteotomy, depending on your face shape will give you the most
satisfactory surgery results.

Facial contouring requires high level of expertise and accumulated
clinical experiences; therefore you must choose the best surgeons for
successful results.


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