Giraffic Unveils AVA Live Video Acceleration at CES

Shows Streaming Solutions for Mobile, Tablets, Smart TVs and OTT
Analytics Dashboard

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Giraffic, the leader in device client-side adaptive
video acceleration
(AVA™) technologies for connected TV devices,
tablets and smartphones, announced AVA
, the first client-side live streaming acceleration technology
for Over-the-Top (OTT) applications and services. AVA Live delivers true
full HD and 4K streaming performance while reducing the buffering and
video delays experienced in most HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) broadcasts.

“Live events and linear TV OTT applications, including the NFL, CNBC,
Sling TV and many others, are constantly providing more programming over
the Internet, but they face challenges in delivering a true HD
experience without degrading the video quality to match the constrained
Internet lines,” said Yoel
, CEO and founder of Giraffic. “AVA Live is a major leap in
delivering broadcast quality TV in true HD and 4K across the Internet,
mitigating bandwidth limitations by enabling the devices to improve the
Internet’s throughput.”

Most OTT applications and streaming services are still viewed in
standard definition (SD) quality, especially during prime-time viewing
when networks are congested and quality is compromised for speed. The
challenge is to enable truly stable HD and UHD 4K quality streaming
despite ever-increasing network congestion and limited bandwidth.

AVA Live presents the missing link for true HD and UHD 4K for streaming
live events and linear programming. Providing sustained
Quality-of-Service (higher and consistent resolution) over existing
Internet conditions, AVA Live is built on Giraffic’s Adaptive
Video Acceleration
technology, which boosts streaming media
performance 300% for the largest TV manufacturers, including Samsung
and LG. While many companies attempt to tackle these issues from
the server or network side, AVA Live is integrated into consumer
electronic devices, shaping the network conditions and video
acceleration from the device client side, in a completely complementary
way to server and network based technologies (e.g. compression and CDNs).

In addition to AVA Live, Giraffic will also be demonstrating at CES the
company’s existing and new suite of products, including:

  • TV AVA™ − Already implemented on LG and Samsung 2015 Smart TVs,
    with over 70 million AVA-enabled devices already shipped, TV AVA
    accelerates UHD and 4K HTTP Progressive download, as well as
    accelerates and shapes VOD adaptive applications such as HLS, Smooth
    Streaming and MPEG-Dash video streaming.
  • Mobile AVA™ − Demonstrated on Google Nexus smartphones, and
    Samsung Galaxy Tabs, showcasing acceleration of leading VOD and Live
    apps such as YouTube HD and Vevo, Mobile AVA provides power-aware
    streaming acceleration for HD progressive and adaptive streaming,
    eliminating buffering events and increasing playback resolution across
    3G, 4G, and WiFi networks.
  • Giraffic Insights™ (GI) Dashboard − Through real-time
    performance analytics, GI is the first platform to give device OEMs
    real time insights on their consumer base and the power to ensure the
    highest sustained viewing experience.
  • Virtual RAM on Flash − Streaming two UHD 4K AVA accelerated
    videos side-by-side, this demonstrates how devices could provide full
    UHD 4K experience with limited RAM constrains by using a combination
    of the Giraffic AVA technology and virtual RAM on Sandisk’s iNAND
    embedded storage.

Demos during CES will be held at the Westgate Hotel. To schedule a demo
of AVA Live, AVA Mobile or the Giraffic Insights dashboard, contact
Ravid Hadar at
For more information on AVA visit

About Giraffic

Giraffic is the inventor of Adaptive Video Acceleration™ (AVA) – a new
client-side network throughput optimization technology that enables
consumer electronic (CE) devices to deliver High Definition video,
without re-buffering pauses or streaming resolution reduction. With 10’s
of millions of activated devices in over 120 countries, Giraffic’s
ground breaking technology has been validated and benchmarked by the
world’s leading manufacturers, including LG, Samsung and others.
Giraffic’s technology can be found in the next generation of CE devices,
including Smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes, Tablets and Smartphones.


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