GISON Launches Drilling Machine Capable of Adhering to All Surfaces

TAICHUNG, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GISON Machinery Co., Ltd. (GISON), an air pneumatic tool supplier based
in Taiwan and founded in 1945, has launched a new hand drilling machine
that allows vertical, horizontal and straight into surface drilling by
leveraging innovative vacuum suction technology.

The vacuum suction technology is applicable to materials including
steel, lumber, plywood, cement, and marble, no matter if the surface is
smooth, rough, wet, greasy or dusty.

Sometimes, drilling a hole using a portable power drill can be
difficult. Holding a drill in a tight space or trying to drill in the
wrong position is tiring. Trying to drill thick steel can be time
consuming. What about drilling on wood, cement wall, concrete or marble?

GISON’s portable, lightweight, powerful drill machine solves all of
these problems. The drill weights 9.53kg with 1,500 rpm speed, maximum
drill bit size 125mm, 4HP air compressor without additional vacuum pump
(vacuum generator) required. Drill bit size is changeable based on the
material and drilling bore size, and there are three suction cups, 86mm
each, featuring strong suction power.

GISON’s industrial hand drilling machine is:

  • Controlled drilling depth:
    GISON’s drill machine is equipped with
    a ruler for the control of drill depth. Unlike the traditional drill
    machines, drilling depth is controlled by a depth-stop spindle.
  • Suitable for coarse surfaces and material:
    Most of the suction
    cups only work on smooth surfaces; GISON’s hand-held drilling system
    works on various surfaces. It is applicable to various materials,
    including steel, lumber, plywood, cement wall, marble, etc. Wet,
    greasy, slippery, dirty surfaces, they all work.
  • One vent pipe, two air sources:
    Endless wires and hoses are
    reduced. Only needs a small 4 HP air compressor, no extra vacuum
    generator needed.
  • Light weight and Easy to carry hand-held core.
    9.53kg with 1,500
    rpm speed, max. drill bit size 125mm, 4HP air compressor without
    additional vacuum pump required.

Hotel, mansion, construction site or performance stage where you need to
drill on h-shaped steel or any material, GISON’s portable hand drilling
machine allows you to drill holes anywhere you want, specifically for
industrial usage.


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