Grünenthal Introduces Latin America’s Most Modern Women’s Health Products Plant

  • Grünenthal will provide women’s health products for the Latin
    American market using this new facility
  • Grünenthal invested USD 14.5 million strengthening its position
    among the three biggest pharmaceutical companies in Chile
  • The new manufacturing site will further enhance Grünenthal’s
    capabilities in global contract manufacturing

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Chile–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Grünenthal, an R&D-driven, privately owned international
pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Germany, announced the
introduction of its new women’s health products plant today. Grünenthal
invested USD 14.5 million to build the 1,150 m
hormone plant, which is the company’s center of excellence for hormone
production and the most modern in Latin America. The new facility will
initially deliver high quality women’s health products to the Chilean
market and – after the pending approval of the relevant authorities
(INVIMA/ANVISA/COFEPRIS) – it will also provide products for other Latin
American markets, including the biggest of the region: Brazil and
Mexico. With this investment Grünenthal will improve the access of more
than 168 million Latin American women to high quality health products.

The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, and Grünenthal’s CEO, Gabriel
Baertschi, attended the opening ceremony in Peñalolén, proving the
importance of the event for both Grünenthal and Chile. “These are the
kind of investments that we need in our country, investments that
generate employment, that diversify our productivity matrix, that give
us greater competitiveness and that allow us to improve our markets,”
said President Michelle Bachelet. She added that “these are the kinds of
decisions that we need and are an example that other local companies
should follow.”

“We are happy to contribute to the enhancement of well-being and health
of the people in this region. Our constant investment into the continent
serves our ambition to improve the situation of 660 million lives in
Latin America through our competences in the field of Pain, Gynecology
and diseases of the Central Nervous System,” Gabriel Baertschi, CEO of
the Grünenthal Group, said.

Latin America has a high importance for Grünenthal’s strategy,
identifying the region as the most important growth pillar for the
coming years to ensure sustainable investment in research and
development. Chile plays a major role as Grünenthal’s stepping stone to
Latin America. The affiliate is the fifth largest of the 32 Grünenthal
affiliates and the biggest one outside Europe. Founded in 1979 it grew
through constant investment, peaking with the acquisition of the
laboratories Andrómaco in 2013 for USD 364 million, making Grünenthal
one of the three biggest pharmaceutical companies on the Chilean market.

The new hormone plant contributes to the development of Grünenthal’s
business in the region, as it will enable the company to serve primarily
the main markets of Chile, México and Brazil, but also other Latin
American markets. The facility is expected to triple the production
quantities by delivering about six million additional commercial units
monthly in a five-year term. Among the products are high quality
contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapies (pills and hormone
gels). The contraceptives also help to reduce the pain related to the
premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Hormone replacement therapies mainly
support cardiovascular and bone health of menopausal women. Grünenthal
is a pioneer in the field of vaginal rings. Partnering with the
Pan-American Health Organization Grünenthal will make this new
technology available, which can either be used to improve women’s
fertility or to prevent pregnancies.

In addition to the production of Grünenthal’s own products, the new
plant in Chile will also be used as a site for contract manufacturing,
which complements the five existing production plants throughout Europe
and Latin America. The new facility in Chile was built following strict
security regulations stipulated by the relevant regulatory authorities
and national health agencies. It will produce hormones for customers
beginning in 2017.

About Grünenthal Group

The Grünenthal Group is an independent, family-owned company,
headquartered in Aachen, Germany. It is present in 32 countries with
affiliates in Europe, Latin America and the US. Grünenthal products are
sold in more than 155 countries and nearly 5,500 employees are working
for the Grünenthal Group worldwide. In 2016, Grünenthal achieved
revenues of € 1.4 billion [estimated].

Grünenthal invests on average 20% of the revenues every year in research
& development. By sustainably investing in research and development
above the industrial average, we are committing to innovation in order
to treat unmet medical needs and bring value-adding products to markets.
About 600 Grünenthal employees work across all aspects of research &
development that are required to take a compound from idea to medicine.

Grünenthal Group participates actively in all the Pacific Alliance
instances to harmonize and facilitate the export of high-quality
medicines among member countries.

About contract manufacturing at Grünenthal (Grünenthal PRO)

Reliability in quality, excellence in supply performance and client
orientation characterize manufacturing at Grünenthal. The Grünenthal PRO
business unit provides these services to external customers.

Today, an average of 50% of Grünenthal’s production volume is for
external partners. Some of these have been Grünenthal’s partners for
more than 20 years, as Grünenthal strives for reliable and long-lasting
business relationships.

The five specialized plants in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ecuador and
Chile encompass the complete supply chain from the production of the
active substance, tablets or other formulations to final packaging and
shipping. For more information please visit


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