Hasbro Announces Finalists in Crowdfunding Gaming Challenge

Five finalists to launch game concept campaigns on Indiegogo; Hasbro
to pick one winner

PAWTUCKET, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After reviewing more than 500 entries from game designers nationwide, Hasbro,
. (NASDAQ: HAS) announced the top five finalists in its search
for the next big face-to-face party game. The challenge, which launched
late-August with crowdfunding website Indiegogo, was narrowed down to
five finalists by a team of Hasbro game experts and designers.

The five finalists are:

Irresponsibility: The Mr Toast Card Game

Irresponsibility is a fast paced, family friendly card game,
created by Dan Goodsell from Los Angeles, CA featuring the comic
character Mr Toast and his friends. In the game, you try to shirk
responsibility by having fun being irresponsible, while also trying to
stop your opponents by saddling them with more responsibility.


HEXES!! is a card game of witches, warlocks and wacky wizardry,
created by Rochester Institute of Technology students Douglas Mansell,
Norman Greenberg, Sam Sternklar and Tom Smith. The goal is to stay in
the game while following the rules on all the hexes your opponents sling
at you, which could be something like keeping your hand raised at all
times while reciting facts about cats. The combination of hexes is what
makes for hilarious moments with friends and family!


Warning!Signs is a party game, created by Jack Reda from Herndon,
VA, that is all about making fun of the weird signs we’ve seen while
traveling. Players pretend they are tourists in a strange land and don’t
speak the language. To win the game, you have to make up the “best” or
most outrageous captions for what different signs could mean in the
strange land.

Touchy Feely

Created by Kevin and Kory Jordan from Marietta, GA, Touchy Feely
is the “lights out party game” played completely in the dark. Once the
lights go out, or the blindfold goes on, you have to complete tasks
worth different point values before the lights come back on. But watch
out because your opponents can try to sabotage your tasks in the dark!


Created by Scott Ruth, Bill Bellan and Scott Jackson from Massachusetts, SUNK!
is a game requiring a steady hand, impenetrable concentration, and sharp
wits combined with an appetite for suspense and intense laughter. You’ll
need to add the required amount of water to a cup without causing it to
sink. Sounds simple, right? Not when your opponents are trying to break
your concentration with taunting and heckling, causing you to pour
excessive water into the cup!

“We were very impressed with the creative and fun party game ideas we
received from the gaming community and narrowing the concepts down to
five finalists was no easy task,” said Brian Chapman, head of design and
development at Hasbro. “We look forward to seeing how the finalists’
crowdfunding campaigns progress and how the community responds to these
amazing game ideas.”

“Hasbro’s commitment to help these passionate inventors bring their
innovative game idea to life has resulted in a really impressive quality
and quantity of idea submissions,” said Jerry Needel, senior vice
president corporate partnerships at Indiegogo. “It’s really exciting to
see the Indiegogo community being tapped by Hasbro to both help source
and validate the next big idea for party games.”

Hasbro and Indiegogo held mentoring calls with each finalist to provide
expertise and support for building the crowdfunding campaigns, which
launched Friday on Indiegogo and will run until December 1, 2015. The
grand prize winner will be chosen by Hasbro in early December based on
the concept’s gameplay mechanics, theme, potential for ‘fun-ness’ and
viability. The winner must also generate at least 100 unique
contributors to its campaign. The grand prize winner will receive
$10,000 and a trip to Hasbro headquarters to meet with and work with the
game development team to help make his or her party game a reality.

To visit the campaigns for the five finalists, visit Hasbro’s Indiegogo
partner page here https://www.indiegogo.com/partners/hasbro
and read more about the challenge on NextGreatGameChallenge.com


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