HealthRhythms Launches with Mission to Redefine How Mental Health is Understood and Managed

HealthRhythms combines machine learning with novel clinical
understanding to improve mental health outcomes by measuring behavioral

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HealthRhythms (,
a health technology startup founded by a unique team of entrepreneurs,
mental health pioneers, and computer scientists announces its launch

HealthRhythms is founded on the evidence-backed belief that our mental
health and our everyday lives are inextricably linked. As such,
HealthRhythms provides a more comprehensive and clinically grounded
understanding of the regularity of daily routines – or behavioral

“By having a more complete picture of an individual through continuous
measurement, we can significantly improve the lives of all patients,”
says CEO Carlos Rodarte, “Identifying mental health signals in a way
that enables early intervention opportunity not only helps patients, but
also reduces the financial strain insurance companies and health systems
face.” Formerly Head of Wearables Business Unit at PatientsLikeMe, Mr.
Rodarte moved over to HealthRhythms as one of its co-founders and CEO in
late 2015.

HealthRhythms enables individuals and their providers to understand
digital data from mobile devices. The passive sensing technology
developed by HealthRhythms eliminates the patient and physician burden
that previously made this type of data collection challenging, if not
impossible. This approach blends the unique clinical and technical
perspectives of its co-founders, who include Dr. David Kupfer, the task
force chair of the DSM-5, Dr. Ellen Frank, who has developed
best-in-class psychosocial interventions for mental illness, and Dr.
Tanzeem Choudhury, a pioneer in applying machine learning to
understanding human behavior.

HealthRhythms customers include health insurance companies, health
systems, and leading care providers focused on preventative approaches
to health. Over the past year and a half, the company has been testing
its algorithms, generating evidence, and gaining customer traction.
Presently, HealthRhythms has recurring deals with leading healthcare
organizations where its approach will be used in over 10,000 patients
with various chronic illnesses.

About HealthRhythms

HealthRhythms (
makes it easy to measure and care for everyone’s mental health. By
seamlessly gathering data about everyday behaviors and routines (our
“behavioral rhythms”), HealthRhythms provides a more comprehensive and
clinically grounded understanding of mental wellbeing. Our solution
leverages deep machine learning and predictive analytics to create novel
health assessments and just-in-time personalized interventions that
improve the care delivery experience for patients, health plans, payers
and research organizations. HealthRhythms was founded by a unique team
of mental health care pioneers and information scientists at the
forefront of health sensing. For more information visit us at


Susan Williams, 646-753-0336