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SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The communication process between parents and schools has been debated
for a number of years. However, after parents did not receive any
updates from a series of threatening phone calls made last week, the
Government of Victoria is ready to make a change. State schools across
Victoria are leading the way, and will be implementing SMS alerts into
all emergency situations. Most schools either pass off important letters
for students to bring home, or in the case of an emergency – a staff
member will be assigned to call each individual parent. This process is
dated, and in the current technological era that we are living in, this
simply isn’t acceptable. This process takes too long, is inefficient for
all parties involved, and is also expensive.

Why is SMS the solution?

For years now, parents have been requesting for a more effective
communication channel. In case of an emergency, parents need to be
contacted immediately. The fastest, most reliable, personalisable, and
most inexpensive way of achieving this is by sending an SMS. These
alerts can be sent in bulk, or can be customised to send to specific
contacts. In case of an emergency, an SMS can be sent within seconds.
Parents can reply back to the SMS directly, thus eliminating the wait
time to reach the person in charge. Schools will also have the ability
to track whether or not the parent has received the text message.

How long does it take?

Setting up an SMS takes just minutes, and is very simple to manage. Here
at Burst, we have kids of our own, and want to help simplify the
communication process of our education system. We want to help parents
receive emergency updates as they happen.

Who else is using this?

Local schools such has HumpyBong State School are using SMS services to
contact parents for reminders, emergencies, and to reduce absences. Have
a look at this case
to see how they accomplished this.

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