Hybrid Learners Outperform Traditional Students by 19 Percent

New study documents superior academic achievement among 104 schools
using blended instruction over three years

Learning Institute (HLI)
today released a new report on the
effectiveness of blended instruction in its member schools. On average,
students in hybrid classes passed state benchmark assessments for
academic achievement at a rate 19% higher than students in non-hybrid
traditional classes. The report was compiled by Dellicker Strategies, an
independent consulting firm that specializes in educational technology
and personalized learning.

“For years, schools have been spending millions of dollars on classroom
technology with mixed results,” said Kevin Dellicker, President of Dellicker
and consultant to HLI. “This report shows that with
careful planning and effective oversight, technology investments can
indeed lead to better student performance.”

Hybrid learning is a blended strategy that combines new digital
technologies with proven teaching methods to personalize instruction and
motivate students to learn. It incorporates multiple classroom
methodologies with small group instruction to differentiate instruction
and encourage self-paced learning. When implemented with fidelity,
hybrid learning has been extremely effective for improving academic
performance, with 85% of HLI schools reporting gains in achievement and

Hybrid learning was particularly useful for boosting STEM academics,
with hybrid students outperforming traditional students by 22% in math
and 61% in science. In secondary schools, hybrid learners passed state
exams at a rate 30% higher than traditional learners. And, more than 70%
of parents, teachers and students agreed that hybrid instruction was
better for developing 21st century skills like working in
teams, learning independently and using technology.

Dr. Anthony Grieco, Executive Director of Luzerne Intermediate Unit and
member of the HLI, noted that besides improving academic and workplace
skills, hybrid learning is extremely popular. More than 80% of teachers
and students said they preferred the hybrid environment compared to
traditional classroom settings.

“Hybrid learning is no longer just a promising theory,” said Dr. Grieco.
“Hybrid learning is an effective and engaging strategy for enhancing
student success.”

To access the full report, visit www.hybridlearninginstitute.org/results.

About The Hybrid Learning Institute

The HLI is a national effort to promote, plan and implement promising
blended models for student-centric education in mainstream schools.
Dellicker Strategies serves as the founder and lead consulting
organization: www.dellicker.com.
For more information visit: www.hybridlearninginstitute.org.


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