In the Midst of the Upfronts Delivery Agent Hits Television Commerce Milestone Underscoring That Television is the New Disruptor

Company’s ShopTV Platform Now Embedded in 41 Million Connected
Devices Drives Television Commerce For Media Companies, Brands, and

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the midst of the television upfronts, Delivery Agent’s ShopTV
platform has hit a milestone that marks a tipping point for media
industry stakeholders. ShopTV, Delivery Agent’s television commerce
(t-commerce) platform is now embedded in 41 million connected television
and streaming devices from companies including Samsung, LG, Sony, and
Roku. By the end of the second quarter, ShopTV will be embedded in a
total of 50 million devices enabling consumers to transact directly
through their television while viewing ads and programming as well as
through the ShopTV 24/7 on-demand t-commerce marketplace.

The milestone proves a solution in the marketplace among diverse
stakeholders delivering a new revenue stream opportunity to a changing
television landscape. The advanced technology makes television a more
effective and accountable advertising resource for marketers. It
foreshadows the future of television as a reinvented and disruptive
technology. ShopTV is the most distributed t-commerce technology in the
market, turning the most viewed screen in the home – the television –
into a multi-use, broad shopping portal for viewers, igniting a new
revenue stream for advertisers, brands, media companies, and consumer
electronics manufacturers.

“Connected televisions, the largest and most user-friendly screen in the
house, are leading the next frontier in commerce,” said Delivery Agent
CEO, Mike Fitzsimmons. “Think about the telephone in 1940 compared to
how mobile phones are utilized today. Our mobile phones are maturing
transactional devices embraced by consumers, media companies, and
Fortune 100 retailers. A similar revolution is happening with
television. The expansion and new monetization opportunities offered by
the television will directly benefit consumers, retailers, brand
advertisers, media companies, consumer electronics, and streaming device

Today, the ShopTV platform is available to Delivery Agent’s more than
1,000 content partners, including media companies, brand advertisers,
and retailers who leverage its transactional technology to bridge the
gap between consumers viewing television content and transacting.
Delivery Agent works with top advertising agencies like Carat, Horizon,
Havas, and Saatchi LA, which leveraged the ShopTV platform to enable
their Camry television ads to send product information to a viewer’s
mobile device while the commercial ran. Hill Holliday/Trulia enabled
Dunkin’ Donuts national ads to send a t-commerce mobile text message
with an incentive and app download link while a viewer simultaneously
watched its TV advertisement. Campaign objectives are varied, from
driving sales to driving app downloads, all initiated through television
advertising and programming using the consumer’s television remote as a
starting point.

“The television medium is rapidly evolving away from being consumed in a
purely linear fashion and viewers have begun to embrace the full
potential for interaction, with t-commerce at the epicenter of the drive
for new revenue streams,” said Larry Gerbrandt, Principal, Media
Valuation Partners, a leading media research, analysis and valuation
expert. “T-commerce, integrated seamlessly into the viewing experience,
holds the potential for dramatic incremental revenue growth beyond the
traditional advertising and subscription mix. Strategic alliances will
be essential in enabling this evolution.”

New consumer research finds that 65% of US TV households have at least
one television set connected to the Internet via a video game system, a
smart TV set, a Blu-ray player, and/or a stand-alone device (like Roku)
– up from 44% in 2013, and 24% in 2010.* And despite the claims of a
mass exodus of TV advertising budgets, television advertising is still
king – at $70 billion – outpacing digital.

Adds Fitzsimmons, “Core to our ShopTV platform, and underlying all of
our solutions, is our proprietary audience intelligence engine, which we
call Datascope. Its capabilities are unique in terms of the scope of
data captured and the speed at which we’re able to analyze and deliver
this data to our brand partners. We provide detailed data regarding the
number of engaged viewers, peak time of day for engagement, and most
effective television networks driving consumer engagement.”

“The proliferation of consumer devices and platforms has made it
increasingly more complex to acquire and retain customers,” said Kelly
Burke, EVP Media Services at Hub Strategy & Communications. “Brands and
retailers require disruptive technologies to ensure efficiencies in
their marketing investment across channels. The technology available
from Delivery Agent is a game changer for the industry.”

(*New consumer research finds that 65% of US TV households have at least
one television set connected to the Internet. Source: Leichtman Research
Group, Inc.)

About Delivery Agent, Inc.

Delivery Agent is the market leader in turning audiences into revenue
generating customers for the world’s largest brands and media companies.
Delivery Agent’s proprietary ShopTV technology allows audiences to
engage with and transact directly from advertisements and television
shows through web, mobile, and advanced television applications.
Currently in market with leading broadcasters, advertisers, MVPDs and
smart TV manufacturers, Delivery Agent brings scalability, organization,
and economic incentive to a disparate ecosystem that has traditionally
lacked uniform technical standards and has been challenged by complex
rights and revenue sharing issues. The company is deployed and maintains
long term partnerships with NBC, FOX, CBS, HBO, Live Nation, Bravado,
Pepsi, Visa, Comcast, and Samsung, among others. Delivery Agent’s
investors include Intel Capital, Liberty Global, Bessemer Venture
Partners, Samsung, and Live Nation among others. More information about
Delivery Agent is available at
and @deliveryagent.


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