INDOCHINO Leverages Qubit to Drive $1 Million in Incremental Revenue Through Geo-Location Personalization

  • Leading men’s fashion retailer leverages the Qubit Visitor Cloud
    Platform to deliver personal experiences to enhance both online and
    in-store shopping experiences
  • Bridging online and offline channels has led to a 4.2 percent lift
    in revenue per customer and a 3.7 percent increase in conversions
  • Omnichannel approach led to record sales in May 2016 and 67 percent
    year-to-date growth

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–INDOCHINO, a leading men’s retailer, is using Qubit
to bridge online and in-store customer experiences in order to meet the
needs of today’s consumers and support INDOCHINO’s global growth. With
eight retail stores in the U.S. and Canada and several planned for 2016,
INDOCHINO is leveraging the Qubit platform to create an engaging
experience for all customers – however and wherever they choose to shop.
To date, Qubit has driven more than $1 million in incremental revenue by
personalizing INDOCHINO’s website for different audience segments and
unifying the customer journey.

Launched in 2007 as an online retailer only, INDOCHINO has expanded its
business to include showrooms in major cities across North America.
These showrooms now comprise almost 50 percent of the company’s
business. Prior to engaging with Qubit, INDOCHINO had no way to connect
online shoppers to the in-store experience, and vice versa. Qubit allows
INDOCHINO to target online shoppers by geo-location, inviting them to
visit a showroom in their region. Bridging online and offline channels
has led to a 4.2 percent lift in revenue per customer and a 3.7 percent
increase in conversions.

“Showroom service is a huge part of our business. By using Qubit, we’re
able to constantly evolve our digital presence and enhance what we can
do to create a well-rounded experience for the customer, regardless of
whether they’re shopping online or prefer the in-store experience,” said
Pilar Catala, Director of Omnichannel Digital Experience, INDOCHINO.
“One of the best parts about the Qubit platform is that everything is
measurable. We closely monitor and review the results of our campaigns
and are constantly working to improve on our success.”

The Qubit Visitor
platform provides a data-first, digital experience “hub” that
combines analytics, A/B testing, segmentation and web personalization
with a real-time data supply chain that connects data from across every
single brand touchpoint to create a single view of the customer. Recent
additions to the platform include Adaptive Targeting segmentation, which
takes into account new customer insights as they’re observed and
gathered from various data sources, and Abandonment Recovery and
Customer Preferences, which bolster features in the existing Qubit
platform: Social Proof, Product Recommendations, Merchandising and
Landing Page Optimization.

“INDOCHINO’s success in both online and offline channels is an excellent
model for companies looking to gain traction with an omnichannel retail
strategy,” said Graham Cooke, Co-founder and CEO, Qubit. “INDOCHINO is
breaking new ground by leveraging Qubit to bridge online and offline
data to create the most relevant and personalized customer experience
possible. We’re extremely excited to build on our existing relationship
with INDOCHINO and wish them continued success.”

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Founded in 2007, Vancouver-based apparel brand INDOCHINO is at the
forefront of revolutionizing men’s fashion. By combining luxury fabrics,
perfect fit and customized style INDOCHINO creates one-of-a-kind suits.

Since its inception, INDOCHINO has grown from the first online business
to provide custom tailored suits into the largest made-to-measure
menswear brand in the market.

Through a seamless multi-channel approach to the customer experience,
men are easily able to order high-quality, attainably priced
made-to-measure suits and shirts plus accessories online, via mobile
devices, or in-person at INDOCHINO’s showrooms in New York, Beverly
Hills, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Mississauga and

About Qubit

Qubit is the pioneer in delivering data-first customer experiences.

Qubit offers a blank canvas for businesses to deliver their big ideas.
Whether it’s acting on data science or creating highly targeted
personalizations, we fuel innovation and ensure marketers are never held
back by digital roadblocks.

Our digital experience hub integrates analytics, segmentation, A/B
testing, and web personalization with the Visitor Cloud, a real-time
data supply chain connecting data across all your brand touchpoints
through a single view of the customer. This infrastructure allows
marketers to run powerful personalizations at scale involving multiple
data sources, and it supports custom development by your engineering

Qubit has been recognized by Forrester as a marketing-centric technology
with “proprietary, best-in-breed offering” for web and mobile analytics
as well as testing and optimization. We’re trusted to deliver real
impact to the bottom line for the biggest brands in ecommerce including
TOPSHOP, Uniqlo, John Lewis, bebe, and Staples.

To date, we have received $76 million in funding from Accel Partners,
Balderton Capital, Goldman Sachs, Salesforce Ventures and Sapphire


Mark Choueke