Inter Valley Health Plan Offers Three Ways to Succeed During Medicare’s Open Enrollment

POMONA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This year marked a milestone for Medicare, celebrating 50 years in July.
To date, more than 50 million individuals aged 65 or older are receiving
Medicare and 91 percent say the program is working well, according to a
national poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation in July 2015. However, USA
reported this summer that anecdotal evidence suggests many
enrollees are perplexed by what Medicare covers and what it doesn’t

Recognizing how important it is for individuals to choose the best and
most appropriate Medicare plan coverage to meet their needs, Inter
Valley Health Plan (,
a not-for-profit Medicare Advantage Health Plan in the Inland Empire,
can help enrollees understand the pitfalls to avoid during open
enrollment (Oct. 15 through Dec. 7) for Medicare Advantage.

“It’s not unusual for individuals preparing for Medicare to be
overwhelmed and confused by the enrollment process,” says Ronald
Bolding, president and CEO, Inter
Valley Health Plan
. “It’s critical that enrollees determine what is
important for them from a health, budget and services standpoint. It’s
our job to continue to educate and let them know they are not alone in
this decision.”

Valley Health Plan
has served the Southern California community for
over 36 years and are experts in helping older adults navigate the often
complex and ever-changing Medicare landscape. Among the most common
mistakes older adults make when enrolling is failing to understand what
Medicare Advantage plans cover and how those options meet their needs.
Here are three steps to guide older adults during open enrollment.

Three Ways to Succeed When Choosing Your Medicare Plan:

  1. Recognize that the federal government rates plans on a scale from 1 to
    5. This quality factor is important because it can mean the difference
    between enrolling in a plan with a limited network of doctors and
    hospitals or one that includes the best providers in your area. It
    also can mean the difference between getting the help you need when
    you call for advice and being put on hold waiting to talk with a
    person instead of a machine.
  2. Remember that most Medicare Advantage plans have low or no monthly
    premiums, which make them attractive, but some may also have
    deductibles and copayments. Enrollees should calculate how much they
    expect to spend on health care based on what they’ve spent in recent
    years, and then match that expected spending level to the best health
    plan options.
  3. Consider which extra services, such as dental, vision care and gym
    memberships you may want. Many, but not all, Medicare Advantage plans
    include vision coverage, and some will reimburse for some or all of
    the cost of a belonging to a health club.

“I was lucky to have a background in healthcare along with a
recommendation for a health plan when it was time to enroll in Medicare,
but had I not been so fortunate, I would have been incredibly
overwhelmed, says Barbara Gagner, a new Medicare enrollee based in
Upland, CA. “I would advise new enrollees to definitely do their
homework so they can make an educated decision but also choose a plan
close to home that is approachable and available to help walk you
through this process. That made all the difference for me.”

To kick off the Medicare Open Enrollment season, Inter Valley Health
Plan is hosting an “Open House” at their community Medicare Information
& Vitality Centers to answer questions. For more information, click here.

For more information about Inter Valley Health Plan’s Medicare Advantage
Plans and for guides, checklists and resources about Medicare, visit

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