Kathryn Purwin Takes over as CEO of Helinet Aviation Services

Predicts growth for Helinet Technologies division, which provides law
enforcement and surveillance products

SAVANNAH, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ALEA – Kathryn Purwin, jet and helicopter pilot and widow of Alan
Purwin, today takes over as CEO of Helinet
Aviation Services
. Helinet is a leading international provider of
corporate travel, emergency medical service, electronic news gathering,
motion picture, television and commercial production services since 1987.

The company predicts growth for its technical division Helinet
, which specializes in the delivery of digital and data
transmission from airborne, marine and ground based platforms. The
Helinet Technologies team has doubled in size to serve the growing
number of local, state and federal government organizations utilizing
real-time transmission and distribution of HD video and data.

“Alan was committed to helping law enforcement agencies across the
county develop customized, turnkey solutions, that have been widely
adopted among agencies nationally and internationally,” Purwin said.
“That’s a legacy I am dedicated to building on.”

Alan Purwin died on September 11, 2015. A pioneer in helicopter aviation
and highly respected in the entertainment industry, Alan built a
reputation for his work as an aerial coordinator and film pilot in
hundreds of Hollywood movies while simultaneously establishing Helinet
as a reputed aviation and technology company.

The Helinet Technologies division provides a complete range of
customized tactical aerial and terrestrial based video and data
transmission solutions, systems and services that work inter-operably
between local police agencies which include the Los Angeles, Long Beach,
Ontario, Hawthorne and Riverside police departments and the Sheriff’s
Departments of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura
and Santa Barbara Counties. Helinet Technologies also provides vital
command and control platforms to Emergency Operations Command Centers
for Los Angeles World Airports (LAX), and the Ports of Los Angeles and
Long Beach. In addition, the technology is used by agencies
internationally and nationally including the New York Police Department,
Texas Department of Public Safety and the Massachusetts State Police.

In fast-moving tactical situations Helinet Technologies provides public
safety agencies with custom designed solutions for seamlessly sharing
live video and data directly to fixed locations while providing IP
streams to secured laptops, smartphones and other devices on the ground.
The accessibility of this information enables multiple agencies to
coordinate effective joint actions.

In addition to further supporting law enforcement and military, as the
company moves forward Kathryn is equally committed to continuing Alan’s
legacy of giving back, particularly to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
The Purwin family, through Helinet, donated two Sikorsky helicopters for
patient transport to CHLA and provide pilots 24/7, maintenance and all
operational expenses at no cost to the hospital.

The Purwins met at Santa Monica Airport in the early 1980’s. They were
married in 1994 and over the following two decades Kathryn supported
Alan as he built Helinet Aviation into the highly respected and
successful business it is today. In addition to its work in
surveillance, Helinet currently owns and operates 16 helicopters and is
well known for its work in ENG (electronic news gathering) patient and
organ transport, and high-end charter services.

“I caught the aviation bug and committed myself to building my flight
time and experience until I became qualified to fly co-pilot and captain
in several types of jets,” she said. “Now I fully intend to apply the
same focus and commitment to keeping Alan’s life’s work, Helinet, strong
and successful.”

Of the staff Kathryn said, “Alan built a loyal and close-knit team made
up of some of the most respected professionals in aviation. Some have
been at Helinet since it started. These people are family to me as they
were to Alan, and my goal is to return their loyalty and comradery and
to do everything I can to ensure a solid future for us all.”

About Helinet Technologies
division of Helinet Aviation, Helinet Technologies is an international
provider of aviation technology solutions to the law enforcement,
government and public safety markets. Backed by decades of experience
deploying customized surveillance and transmission systems for agencies
across the globe, the firm offers a full suite of services, ranging from
basic equipment sales to fully turnkey surveillance solutions. Helinet
Technologies is online at www.helinettechnologies.com.

About Helinet Aviation
Aviation Services is a diversified helicopter transportation provider
located in Van Nuys, California. With nearly 30 years in business, the
company has earned a highly trusted and widely respected industry-wide
reputation for its exceptional pilots and other team members,
unparalleled service, and an outstanding safety record. Helinet serves
the following markets: VIP Transportation, Emergency Medical Services
including patient and organ transport, Electronic News Gathering (news
helicopters), Motion Picture, Television and Commercial Production, and
Helicopter Fleet Management. Its mission is, and has always been, to be
Southern California’s preferred carrier for safe, responsive and
reliable rotor wing transportation.


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