Kraft Mac & Cheese Swears Imperfect Parenting Is Perfectly Fine

74 Percent Of Moms Admit To Swearing In Front Of Their Kids

Kraft Mac & Cheese Unveils Mother’s Day Cards With Fail-Cancelling
Ear Plugs

PITTSBURGH & CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Parents aren’t perfect… even moms. Moms mess up. Moms are human. And
yes, Moms have potty mouths. So it shouldn’t be that surprising that 74%
of moms1 admit to swearing in front of their kids. That’s
even more than dads!

To help Mom make it right, this Mother’s Day, the Kraft Mac &
Cheese brand is introducing a set of tools to help. The brand has
created a film with Melissa Mohr, author of Holy
Sh*T: A Brief History of Swearing
, on alternative swear words
moms can use around the little ones to prevent parenting fails.
Additionally Kraft is launching Mother’s Day cards with
Fail-Cancelling Earplugs to help shield your kids’ ears in those
not-so-motherly moments. And for whatever the earplugs and substitute
swears can’t block, there’s always Kraft Mac & Cheese.

“We wanted to celebrate the perfectly imperfect side of parenting,” says
Rachel Drof, Marketing Director, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, “Moms
make mistakes. Even the best moms. We wanted to cut Moms some slack,
embrace their imperfections, and remind them that Kraft Mac &
Cheese is a guaranteed a win because it’s the taste kids love.”

Kraft Mac & Cheese Mother’s Day Alternative Swearing Guide, cards
and Fail-Cancelling Earplugs are available for a limited time while
supplies last at

Happy Mother’s Day! #swearlikeamother.

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1: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Parenting Survey. Kelton Global,


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