Leesa Sleep and ArtLifting Open World’s First “Leesa Dream Gallery” in SoHo, NYC Showcasing Paintings by Homeless and Disabled Artists

Innovative new retail concept is a place to lay back and dream on a
Leesa mattress while enjoying works of art inspired by the dreams of
homeless, formerly homeless and disabled artists

Retail Location Open to the Public Starting April 28 at 112 Wooster
Street, SoHo

Come by and meet the founders on Friday and Saturday

a high-end, direct-to-consumer online mattress company with an
industry-leading social impact program, and ArtLifting,
an online art marketplace for homeless, disabled and other disadvantaged
artists to sell their artwork, are excited to introduce “The Leesa Dream
Gallery™” – the world’s first combined mattress store and art gallery.

“Having successfully introduced a new mattress and a new way to shop
online in our first year, The Leesa Dream Gallery is the next frontier.
Combining with ArtLifting to create a new kind of retail experience
while giving homeless and disabled artists a platform to show and sell
their art is a dream come true,” said Leesa Co-Founder and Chief
Executive Officer David Wolfe.

The Leesa Dream Gallery brings together the vision of two
forward-thinking online companies. In 2015, the founders of Leesa Sleep
dreamed of revolutionizing the sleep industry with a mattress that looks
better, feels better and costs less than other premium memory foam
mattresses. The founders also dreamed of a company that would measure
its success as much by its impact on the world as its revenue and bottom

It made sense then to partner with the for-profit social enterprise
ArtLifting, which was founded by Liz and Spencer Powers in 2013. Their
online marketplace provides a platform for artists who are homeless or
disabled to empower themselves through the celebration and sale of their
artwork. By securing income and connecting with a larger audience,
artists garner positivity that permeates every aspect of the artists’

“People in need don’t want a handout, they want the ability to change
their lives,” said Liz Powers, co-founder and chief happiness spreader.
“ArtLifting’s goal is to help hidden talents become visible, and we are
thrilled to partner with Leesa to showcase the inspiring talent of our
artists. As two for-profit, for-purpose companies, we are thrilled to
work together to create opportunity and change lives.”

Leesa and ArtLifting’s innovative new retail concept nestled in the
heart of SoHo in New York City offers a place to dream and help dreams
come true. It is the first mattress store without pushy salespeople,
allowing individuals to naturally experience one of the world’s most
beautifully-crafted mattresses, while appreciating the artwork created
by undiscovered artists seeking to change their lives through their art.

The Leesa Dream Gallery will exhibit ArtLifting’s artwork centered on
the theme, “Everybody has a dream: what’s yours?” The resulting artwork
will warm your heart. In addition to the artwork available as originals
or prints, Leesa is launching a limited edition mattress identical in
design to the highly rated Leesa, except for the cover. The stunning
limited edition mattress cover is inspired by Scott Benner, a formerly
homeless artist discovered by ArtLifting. Scott receives a percentage of
every sale.

A little over a year since launching, the Leesa mattress is currently
rated higher than all of its direct-to-consumer competitors by the
leading ratings publication in the world. Leesa is the number one
fastest growing e-retailer according to Internet Retailer’s 2016
Top 500 Guide. Tens of thousands of people are sleeping better on Leesa
mattresses across the U.S., U.K. and Canada. And through its One-Ten
program, Leesa has donated more than 5,000 mattresses to people who
would otherwise not have a place to sleep.

ArtLifting was created with a mission to promote and sell art created by
homeless, formerly homeless and disabled artists. It also has had
extraordinary success and with 55 percent of the proceeds from every
sale going to artists, it serves as a vehicle for the artists to bring
their dreams closer to reality.

Visit The Leesa Dream Gallery located at 112
Wooster Street in SoHo, New York
. You can also check out Leesa
online at Leesa.com/dream-gallery.

Learn more about ArtLifting and its mission at ArtLifting.com.

About Leesa Sleep, LLC

Based in Virginia Beach, Va., Leesa
is a direct-to-consumer online luxury mattress company that offers 100
percent American-made mattresses delivered directly to consumers’ doors.
From its start, Leesa has measured its own success not just by the
bottom line, but by the company’s overall social impact. In addition to
the One-Earth tree-planting initiative, Leesa’s One-Ten program will
facilitate the donation of more than 5,000 mattresses this year. Leesa
offers a 100-night risk-free trial, free shipping, and no-hassle
returns. The company currently offers free shipping to the U.S., U.K.
and Canada. For more information visit www.leesa.com.

About ArtLifting

ArtLifting empowers artists who are homeless or disabled through the
celebration and sale of their artwork.

ArtLifting collaborates with shelters and art programs in the U.S. to
discover talented artists who are living with homelessness or
disabilities. ArtLifting serves as a platform for artists, giving them
the chance to earn income through the sale of original paintings,
prints, and products. By showcasing and selling their artwork via
ArtLifting.com artists gain confidence that permeates all aspects of
their lives—offering them hope, validation, and the opportunity to share
their talent with the world.


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Gisela Michan, 858-449-0948