Lenovo™, Intel®, PayPal® and Synaptics® Announce Collaboration to Bring FIDO® Authentication to Laptops

Lenovo, Intel, PayPal and Synaptics reveal collaboration to bring a
simple and safe online authentication to PCs with the industry’s first
FIDO-enabled embedded fingerprint solution

  • This innovative biometric authentication system will implement the
    current, well-established FIDO standards for the PC.
  • The collaboration represents a shared effort to bring secure,
    password-less authentication to consumer PCs.
  • It combines Lenovo’s knowledge of product design, Intel Core™
    hardware-based Software Guard Extension protection, PayPal’s
    authentication ecosystem and Synaptics’ expertise in biometrics to
    provide an effortless experience while improving security over

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lenovo (SEHK:0992) (Pink Sheets:LNVGY) , Intel, Synaptics and PayPal
revealed a collaborative effort today to bring simple and safe
authentication experiences to enterprise and consumer use cases today.
The collaboration will enable Lenovo customers to be able to
authenticate to online FIDO-enabled services like PayPal by using a
fingerprint instead of a password.

This innovative biometric authentication system for PCs will implement
current FIDO standards, bringing established FIDO biometric
authentication capabilities to the PC. Though verifying identity has
long been the domain of passwords, they have become less safe to use
without security factors in today’s digital world.

The 7th Gen Intel Core processors with built Intel Software
Guard Extensions (SGX) lay the groundwork for robust, hardware-protected
biometric authentication securing users’ FIDO credentials and biometric
information. The Synaptics Natural ID™ fingerprint sensor features
enterprise-level security with TLS 1.2 encryption. Synaptics’ Natural ID
Fingerprint Solution is secured by SentryPoint™ features, including TLS
1.2 encryption and anti-spoofing algorithms. PayPal leverages its unique
authentication ecosystem to continue making payments more secure and

The goal? Reduce fraud and increase security, while making online
authentication nearly frictionless with biometrics secured by built-in,
hardware-level protection.

As the use cases for Internet-connected devices grows at the enterprise
and consumer level, there is a critical need for highly secure, but
unobtrusive methods for protecting identities, data and machines. Lenovo
and Intel’s shared hardware expertise allows for a unified, built-in
security architecture that’s more secure, private and hassle free.
Likewise PayPal brings its authentication expertise and Synaptics their
biometrics knowledge to deliver a much needed alternative solution to
the password problem.

Lenovo Quote

“The average user has to remember passwords for many different accounts,
from PC log-in, email to online shopping. We wanted to help change that
by freeing users from the burden of remembering complex passwords by
providing a simple authentication solution,” said Johnson Jia, senior
vice president, PC & Smart Device Business Group, Lenovo.
excited to be the first PC company to partner with Intel, PayPal and
Synaptics to bring users simpler and safer online authentication based
on the released FIDO standards, through fingerprint readers designed for
improved security on our laptops starting with the Yoga 910 convertible.”

Synaptics Natural ID Fingerprint Solution and Quote

The Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint sensor solution combines
enterprise-level security with design flexibility. OEMs can select from
a wide range of Synaptics SentryPoint features, such as match-in-sensor,
TLS 1.2 encryption and anti-spoofing algorithms, to enable robust,
biometric authentication for device unlock and online transactions.

“Today’s notebook and PC users want solutions that are safer and more
convenient for online transactions,” said Godfrey Cheng, vice
president of marketing, Human Interface Systems Division, Synaptics.
with our ecosystem partners, we’re deploying strong security
architectures to protect user identity and accelerating the adoption of
biometric authentication solutions worldwide.”

PayPal Quote

“In an ongoing effort to enhance security in the financial services
industry, we are working with Intel and Lenovo on a FIDO authentication
solution which enables biometric authentication for Personal Computers,” said
Bill Scott, vice president, Identity Product and Engineering at PayPal.

“Security has always been a priority for PayPal, and we are committed to
offering our customers secure, password-less authentication options
leveraging FIDO standards.”

Intel Quote

“Intel continues to drive innovation to simplify and secure the
computing experience,” said Navin Shenoy, general manager of the
Client Computing Group, Intel.
“We are excited about the close
collaboration between Intel, Lenovo, PayPal and Synaptics using the new 7th
Gen Intel Core processors to bring secure payments via biometric
authentication to the PC.”

FIDO Alliance Quote

“I commend Intel, Lenovo, Synaptics and PayPal, all FIDO Alliance board
members, for partnering to FIDO-enable biometric authentication on the
desktop,” said Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO
“Passwords are a universal problem that is not limited to
mobile devices. Every internet connected device needs the ability to
upgrade to simpler, stronger FIDO authentication and thanks to this
partnership, the desktop ecosystem is on an accelerated path to get the
same FIDO capabilities already well established across the mobile

Hardware-based Protection

Secure password-less sign on requires strong authentication that is
ideally rooted in the hardware. Lenovo PCs using Natural ID and Intel
Core processors achieve this by quickly and securely capturing user
credentials, which are encrypted and stored in the hardware, making them
less susceptible to malware attacks.

Sign In With Your Fingertip

We’re making signing in simpler and safer on a PC. Though all the user
has to do is touch the fingerprint reader, sophisticated technology is
at work protecting the sensitive credentials. Each login is wrapped in
three layers of protection designed so that neither the user’s
fingerprint information nor their FIDO credentials, ever leave their
device: built-in hardware security, a secure device ID, and
FIDO-compliant biometric authentication.

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