Luden’s® To Entertain and Soothe Ailing Throats at North Coast Music Festival

Luden’s® “Big Mouth” Display Offers Samples To Fans Over Labor Day

TARRYTOWN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luden’s®, the iconic throat drop brand that has soothed scratchy throats
for more than 130 years, is proud to announce that it is a sponsor of
the North Coast Music festival in Union Park over Labor Day Weekend in
Chicago. Luden’s® will be onsite at the Festival with its interactive
“Big Mouth” display distributing thousands of delicious throat drop
samples to help soothe minor throat discomfort over the course of the
Festival’s three days.

Festival attendees are welcome to visit the Luden’s® space any one of
the three days to participate in the “Tame the Tickle” promotion and
enjoy free samples of the delicious throat drops. Luden’s® and KBS, the
agency selected to support the promotion, are proud to provide
additional enjoyment and refreshment to the thousands of attendees that
make North Coast one of the premier music festivals in Chicago.

Luden’s® is famous for temporarily relieving minor throat discomfort and
is available in a variety of flavors to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.
Beginning with the ever-popular Wild Cherry, the line of throat drops
has expanded to include — among other flavors – new Watermelon,
Strawberry-Banana, Blue Raspberry, and Green Apple.

For more information on Luden’s®, and the full line of products, log

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