Magellan Health Releases Model for Serving High-Risk Children and Adolescents

Model based on clinical research with real-world application

Health, Inc.
(NASDAQ: MGLN) today presented its research-based
for the prevention and treatment of problematic behaviors and
behavioral health challenges in children and adolescents. Focusing on an
approach that keeps youth and their families central to the
decision-making process, Magellan’s model addresses individuals’ needs,
strengths, preferences and culture. Pat Hunt, director of child and
family resiliency services at Magellan Healthcare, part of the team that
created the model, is presenting on this topic at the National
Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health Annual Conference on
November 21, 2015 in Washington, D.C.

“Our model is more than an academic document,” said Dr. Gary Henschen,
chief medical officer for behavioral health at Magellan Healthcare.
“While it provides a clear, research-based description of the issues and
barriers involved in the treatment of children and youth, it also
outlines what Magellan has found to be best in caring for this
population, based on our own experience and the experience of leading
researchers in the field. The processes outlined in this model inform
our work with children and youth now and in the future.”


  • Is developmentally appropriate, culturally competent and includes
    trauma-informed best practices.
  • Includes a special focus on children younger than five and youth
    transitioning to adulthood.
  • Includes programs that ensure choice and participation for youth and
  • Focuses on cross-system support for youth involved with multiple
    services and agencies.
  • Is team-based, and includes personalized treatment planning and care
    coordination augmented by technology.

“As we share this information for the benefit of providers, youth,
families, policy-makers and other advocates and community stakeholders,
we continue to generate an expanded array of services and supports for
children, youth and their families. We hope this model will encourage
dialogue, debate and, ultimately, change how we, as a nation, care for
children and adolescents at risk,” said Henschen.

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