Make Wishes and Spread Love in Guangdong

—-Welcome to Guangdong and enjoy the amazing Chinese New Year!

GUANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AmazingChineseNewYear–The Chinese New Year is usually viewed as the best time for people to
make wishes for themselves and their families, especially in Southern
China’s Guangdong Province where various religions coexist in harmony,
including Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity.

Huineng, the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism and Matsu, Chinese goddess
of the sea are both idols that inspire the people of Guangdong to pursue
goodness and be calm with both favorable and unfavorable fortunes.

In Guangdong, there are many renowned temples that are frequented by
tourists. During the Chinese New Year, temples such as Nanhua Temple in
Shaoguan City, Guangxiao Temple in Guangzhou City, Qingyun Temple in
Zhaoqing City, Kaiyuan Temple in Chaozhou City, Yunmen Temple in Ruyuan
City and Guo’en Temple in Xinxing City will hold special activities
where tourists can experience the unique religion while praying for
themselves and their families to be happy, healthy and successful in the
following year.

Apart from the all kinds of religious, folk and amusement activities,
the Chinese New Year will also witness the spread of kindness and love
across Guangdong Province and even to other parts of the world. During
last year’s Chinese New Year, BBC documentary team came to China to
shoot the world’s largest celebration. The team witnessed the
nation-wide Chinese New Year travel rush, enjoyed ice lanterns in
Harbin, watched the folk art of splattering molten iron in Hebei
Province, and observed golden monkeys in Yunnan Province. More
importantly, they interviewed the residents in Zhaoqing who volunteered
to help tens of thousands of passing-by migrant workers who were riding
motorcycles on their way home for a family reunion. The Zhaoqing people
provided hot water and ginger porridge at every rest stop and even
offered free motorcycle repair service. Two BBC staff even learned how
to cook ginger porridge from the Zhaoqing people. The documentary has
helped broadcast the enthusiasm of Guangdong to many other places.
Meanwhile, Zhongshan, another city of Guangdong, also organized similar
charity activities every year on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year
when thousands of people began to return to work.

The Chinese New Year in Guangdong is really warm both for its climate
and kind services.


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