Marcus Hiles – Promotes Educational Rights and Opportunities for the Local K-12 Students

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Charity–Long-time supporter of youth and children’s development, the prominent
investor and philanthropist Marcus
continuously advocates for improving life chances for every
member of the local communities. In line with his altruistic vision,
Hiles has launched annual grants programs for local K-12 schools to help
fund technology, after school initiatives, extra-curricular activities,
and professional development training for teachers. Hiles’ aim is to
ensure all students graduate from high school with the skills necessary
to succeed academically in college, which is a launch pad to economic
prosperity in America. Marcus understands administrators are forced to
cut these types of additional opportunities due to tight budgets and
limited funding, and hopes his financial support will enable many of
these critical programs to continue and strengthen the connection
between community, student, and teacher.

Marcus Hiles’ keen understanding of the challenges young people face in
an urban environment rise from his humble upbringing as the son of a
minister in the inner city. Hiles experienced the value of giving
firsthand and knows the powerful impact a strong community and good
education can have. Marcus
has volunteered countless hours, purchased technology and
software upgrades for several schools across Texas, and funded many
public and private K-12 and college education grants, which help kids
reach their potential. He has also been involved with career and job
placement services for youths and university students.

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