Medical Marijuana Gets a “Magical Touch”

Medical Marijuana Gets a “Magical Touch” How to make botanical oil or tincture with MagicalButter

The year 2013 is proving to be a breakout one on several fronts for MagicalButter®, the young company behind a patent-pending Botanical Extractor™ of the same name. Already the darling of every major medical marijuana publication, MagicalButter is now beginning to receive large-scale mainstream attention, such as the cover story in the business section of the Sunday edition of the Tampa Bay Times.

MagicalButter Open-Air Trade Show Booth at Seattle's Hempfest. (Photo: Business Wire)

MagicalButter Open-Air Trade Show Booth at Seattle’s Hempfest. (Photo: Business Wire)


Tracing the history of the Botanical Extractor from its original design as an appliance to help people cope with Crohn’s disease to its current revision, the Times article provides the public with intriguing insight into the Botanical Extractor’s evolution as a recipe-enhancing tool that is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the medical marijuana community.

In addition to creative and robust-flavored recipes on the site designed to take full advantage of the extractor’s unique capabilities, community members are also posting a host of exotic suggestions on how to use the multi-faceted kitchen appliance. The recipe section guides visitors through easy-to-grasp directions for a variety of dishes.

MagicalButter has made also good use of social media to get the word out, essentially building the business through its Facebook Business Page. Much of the company’s phenomenal growth can be traced to its many Facebook followers, which currently number more than 60,000.

One of the more ardent followers is Ted Rude of Washington, who uses the cannabis oil he makes with the MagicalButter machine to treat his kidney failure, Crohn’s disease and bladder cancer. Even the product’s ease-of-use is a crucial feature, as Ted has limited use of his right hand. He brings home his choice of herb from the dispensary and pours a 24-ounce bottle of certified organic canola or flaxseed oil straight into the machine. He then puts the herb into the machine and puts the top on. Two hours later he incorporates the finished product into Rice Krispies treats, with control of the dosage…and the potency. As a result of this one-of-a-kind device he is off all hard medication and his health is now stable.

According to MagicalButter’s founder and CEO, Garyn Angel, the company recently inked a deal to purchase a Chinese factory to take on production in order to better meet the explosive demand.

The third generation of the award-winning product, the MB3, is set to be released in early 2014. Its revolutionary technology is good news to the chefs, caterers, restaurants, medical companies and everyday people who will make good use of its many possibilities.

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